david usher black black heart

{ S H E ' S  A  P I R A T E } a lady pirate fanmix

It matters not how strait the gate, 
How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate: 
I am the captain of my soul.

the drunken whaler - dishonored// the great shipwreck of life -iamx// black sails theme// black - kari kimmel// fireproof - the national// palm tree escape - hans zimmer ft rodrigo y gabriella// the deep - data romance// raise hell - brandi carlile// angry and dead - rodrigo y gabriella// black black heart - david usher//between the bars - the civil wars// hoist the colours - hans zimmer// if i had a heart - fever ray// do it like a dude - jessie j

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My playlist for Wildfire has 57 songs on it currently. So here is a random selection of ten. 

1. Black Black Heart (acoustic) by David Usher

2. As We Were by A Whisper in the Noise

3. Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun by Rishloo

4. Leave by R.E.M.

5. Again by Archive 

6. Desire by Meg Meyers

7. Take the World by She Wants Revenge

8. Trouble by Robots Don’t Sleep

9. Two Men in Love by The Irrepressibles 

10. Swrdswllngwhr (Wishing Well) by The Limousines (this is Hunter’s theme song, for sure) 

in your hands: a levihan origins mix, arranged chronologically


neon sky rain - vector lovers | heroes - mika | where is home? (burial remix) - bloc party | blood makes noise - suzanne vega | requiem for a dream (andys ill dubfix) - clint mansell | bloodstain (ft. alice temple) - unkle | hella good - no doubt | of dust and nations - thrice | black black heart - david usher | not in love (ft. robert smith) - crystal castles | when things explode (ft. ian astbury) - unkle | the bitter end - placebo | the long haul - no | the load - barbarossa

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“Her eyes look sharp and steady
Into the empty parts of me
But still my heart is heavy
With the hate of some other man’s beliefs.”

A mix for the lonely and the hateful. For the feel of teeth against your lips and bruises on your skin. For something ugly and something beautiful. For despair and hope. For the long, slow road to redemption. Burn your hungry hearts.

Art by the lovely and talented vashito.

how to be eaten by a woman — glitch mob // counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drum (bob roberts mix) — a perfect circle // become the beast — karliene // fear the fever — digital daggers // gunshot — lykke li // desire — meg myers // carnivore — giselle // flesh — simon curtis // black black heart — david usher // double edge — emika // burnt norton (interlude) — lana del rey // hunt you down — the hit house // smells like teen spirit — malia // everybody wants to rule the world (diamond saints remix) — lorde // paint it black — ciara // young god — halsey // battle cry — imagine dragons // foreigner’s god — hozier // sinners — lauren aquilina // help — hurts // finale theme  — trevor yuile


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we were born sick; a mix for codependent twins
when your family is rich and your twin is hot, there is only one thing to do…

i. take me to church - hozier / ii. still - daughter / iii. poison & wine - the civil wars / iv. bedroom hymns - florence + the machine / v. clarity (acoustic) - foxes / vi. black black heart - david usher / vii. my obsession - cinema bizarre / viii. evil night together - jill tracy / ix. i gave you all - mumford & sons / x. paradise circus - massive attack

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H×HLove × Like × Bloodsport // a hisogon fanmix // “I can’t wait to break you.” ★n‿n

i. raleigh ritchie - bloodsport // ii. ludo - love me dead // iii. mindless self indulgence - lights out // iv. maroon 5 - pure imagination // v. the presets - talk like that // vi. tv on the radio - will do // vii. melanie martinez - carousel // viii. david usher - black black heart // ix. lana del rey - serial killer // x. chris garneau - dirty night clowns

 every you, every me 

madking!au. a mix describing mogar, his mad king, and their very dark and very complex relationship. listen here.

i. madness in me - skillet ♔ ii. hate fuck - the bravery ♔ iii. animal i have become - three days grace ♔ iv. don’t mess with me - temposhark ♔ v. undisclosed desires - muse ♔ vi. every you, every me - placebo ♔ vii. black black heart 2.0 - david usher ♔ viii. bang - armchair cynics ♔ ix. harsh realm - widowspeak


“Come on and satisfy me." - A Shiroba fanmix. 

Bliss - Muse // Kill The Lights - The Birthday Massacre // Skeleton - Ghost Town // Bewitched - Blood on the Dance Floor // Buried Alive - Creature Feature // Bad Romance (cover) - Artist vs Poet // Black Black Heart - David Usher // Gorgeous Nightmare - Escape the Fate // They Say You Won’t Come Back - Breathe Carolina // X Amount of Words - Blue October // It’s Just Me - Escape the Fate // Destroya - My Chemical Romance

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