david tong


Art Print Posters (Eraserhead by Mark Pedini, Dune illustration by Drew Struzan, Dune poster by Kilian Eng, Mulholland Drive by Tula Lotay, Sam Bosma, and Kevin Tong)

David Lynch: With the return of Twin Peaks after 26 years, Brandon and Sam look back at the posters that have accompanied the many films of David Lynch in their first director-themed episode. From Eraserhead to Inland Empire, the boys discuss how Lynch’s unique cinematic vision has been marketed both in the US and abroad since 1977 while looking at the role a one-sheet plays in honoring a filmmaker’s work.

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taylorsander15: Putting in the work before Rio! 9 days till Rio!! Stoked to be apart of this group! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

davidlee1982: 9 days #riobound#usavolleyball

Photo by David Tonge. Very intriguing… It this actually a reflection? Where is that white thingy then? And something that looks like maybe Brian’s hand adjusting the collar on the right shoulder…