david the good

'Boys, lock the door and stay all night. You’re with Medda now.'
  • Medda knows that Jack is partial to taking other guys out on dates sometimes
  • She doesn’t mind but she gets worried about him, especially when she reads about gay hangouts getting raided and shut down by the police. She hates the idea of him being involved in that and ending up back in the refuge or worse
  • So she lets him bring dates to the theatre. They can watch the performances as long as they stay out of the way and out of the sight of the audience. And if Jack spends the night with the guy in one of the rooms she don’t use that stores old props and costumes up in the attic, then that’s none of her business
  • So when Jack turns up with Davey in tow when they’re running from Snyder, Medda assumes this is another guy Jack’s courting. Only then she sees Les and how they’re all out of breath and Davey looks a little terrified, and she realises this isn’t a romantic occurrence
  • But two weeks later, when Jack brings a shy, slightly flustered Davey in, holding his hand, Medda hides a smile
  • She watches them both as they sit in the wings and watch the show. She approves of Davey when she sees that he spends more time looking at Jack than the performance - clearly this boy is smitten  
  • If Jack takes Davey upstairs after the show to ‘show him the props from last year’s production’ then that’s fine with her. He’s safe at Irving Hall Theatre, even if no where else.

I have so many conflicting emotions on that episode tbh

  • What she says: im fine
  • What she really means: it's been 21 years and I still can't believe OJ was found Not Guilty. There was so much compelling evidence against him. The victims' blood in his Bronco, the extra large glove left back at Bundy that they only sold at select stores including Bloomingdales where Simpson often shopped, Ron's hair was found on OJ, Nicole's blood was found on OJ's sock, the Bruno Magli size 12 shoe print, the battered wife photos, the 911 calls Nicole had made due to prior incidences the justice system has failed us terribly

Y’know, I don’t much like telling people how to live their lives and all that but in all honesty,

if you watch Camp Camp

without captions on