david the cowardly nolan

I don’t remember now where I saw it but someone wrote a meta about how Snow has never not known love, which is basically why she struggles to understand why Emma wouldn’t want to get back with Neal (link found [thanks tersaseda!]) and I got to thinking…

You know, part of Mary Margaret’s thing was that she was unlucky in love – she lived alone (to the point that no one would even room with her, until she offered her spare room to Emma), when she went out with Whale he spent the entire time ogling Ruby; she felt ignored, unwanted, and lonely.

Basically, she felt the way Emma had spent her whole life feeling.

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anonymous asked:

I find it interesting that cursed David was so disliked by many fans when his "crimes" are really not that bad. And people who rip out hearts or leave others to rot in a cell are loved and praised and just misunderstood. He was weak but at least he was trying not to hurt others.

I agree. I mean, granted, I’m not a David Nolan fan. I found him cowardly, and I think the way he handled the situation with MM and Kathryn was wrong.

But he never tried to malicious hurt people. I mean, Regina knew who she was the whole time and she still made people’s lives miserable. Rumple found remember who he was, and he still maintained his power over the townspeople.

David Nolan, while a jerk, wasn’t a bad person in the end. He was just a cowardly jerk. And it still does drive me crazy when people hold Charming accountable for what David Nolan did—Charming would never have done what David Nolan did. That was established in 2x02, and yet the fandom (though not as often as before) still hold Charming accountable for it. Heck, even Rumple had some nasty comments to Charming about David Nolan, and he should know better—he knows what this curse really was. He invented it.