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Come When We Caaaall
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a.k.a. best enjolras note in the musical

ramin karimloo 2005 | jonathan williams 2005 | david thaxton 2009 | mark dugdale 2010 | killian donnelly 2011 | jon robyns 2011 | liam tamne 2012 | jason forbach 2012 | chris jacobsen 2013 | anton zetterholm 2013 | niall sheehy 2013 | mark uhre 2013 | kyle scatliffe 2014

Grantaire, in whom doubt was creeping, loved to see faith soaring in Enjolras. He had need of Enjolras. Without understanding it himself clearly, and without trying to explain it, that chaste, healthy, firm, direct, hard, candid nature charmed him. He admired, by instinct, his opposite. His soft, wavering, disjointed, diseased deformed ideas, attached themselves to Enjolras as a backbone. His moral spine leaned upon firmness. Grantaire, by the side of Enjolras, became somebody again. - Les Misérables, Victor Hugo


One dead Enjolras // Many Dead Enjolrai

With a bonus dead-Aaron-jolras

from left to right: David Burt, Jason Forbach, Anton Zetterholm, Ramin Karimloo, Jon Robyns, Kyle Scatliffe, Chris Jacobsen, Liam Tamne, David Thaxton, Christopher Howard

to all, labour, for all, law, over all, peace,
no more bloodshed, no more war, mothers happy!