david thaxton

Grantaire, in whom doubt was creeping, loved to see faith soaring in Enjolras. He had need of Enjolras. Without understanding it himself clearly, and without trying to explain it, that chaste, healthy, firm, direct, hard, candid nature charmed him. He admired, by instinct, his opposite. His soft, wavering, disjointed, diseased deformed ideas, attached themselves to Enjolras as a backbone. His moral spine leaned upon firmness. Grantaire, by the side of Enjolras, became somebody again. - Les Misérables, Victor Hugo

I’m always surprised people don’t talk more about David Thaxton and Nancy Sullivan who, you know, played Enjolras and Eponine together in 2008 and who, you know, are an actual real fucking couple!

Like, we got real life enjonine right here and we’re not using this to our advantage enough!!

This is unforgivable!

Here, have a GIF of them kissing and start discussing/fangirling!

One Day More
Peter Lockyer/Rob Houchen/Emilie Fleming/Carrie Hope Fletcher/Ashley Stillburn/David Thaxton/Tom Edden/Wendy Ferguson/Ensemble

2014/11/01 M - West End, London
*Fallofman Trading’s master*
Peter Lockyer (Valjean), David Thaxton (Javert), Celinde Schoenmaker (Fantine), Emilie Fleming (Cosette), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Rob Houchen (Marius), Ashley Stillburn (u/s Enjolras), Tom Edden (Thenardier), Wendy Ferguson (Mme. Thenardier), Christian Edwards (Grantaire), Jordan Lee Davies (swing Feuilly/swing Claquesous), Lee Dillon-Stuart (Prouvaire/u/s Foreman), Ethan Bradshaw (swing Bahorel/Montparnasse/swing Pimp), Jade Davies (swing Madame), Sarah Lark (swing Crone), Beau Cripps (Gavroche), Lucy Simmonds (Young Cosette), Darcy Snares (Young Eponine)


One dead Enjolras // Many Dead Enjolrai

With a bonus dead-Aaron-jolras

from left to right: David Burt, Jason Forbach, Anton Zetterholm, Ramin Karimloo, Jon Robyns, Kyle Scatliffe, Chris Jacobsen, Liam Tamne, David Thaxton, Christopher Howard