david tennent


So awhile ago I posted a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch I added to my parents wall of long dead ancestors.It has gone unnoticed for a little over a month…

I thought to myself, this is ridiculous. Maybe they’ll catch on if I replace another.

So in come The Doctors …still nothing 2 weeks later. What the balls. This is our front entry way. SURELY if I add ONE MORE…

…Clearly ya’ll know what’s coming next. 4 days ago the SPN boys showed up to the party and there is no sign of their awareness.

JESUS, MARY, AND THE FREAKING CAMEL. WHAT WILL IT TAKE??…Though I have to say, it’s a nice welcome home every day.


“How Long Are You Gonna Stay With Me?”


It’s a good thing boys get older, because they’re pretty much hideous until they hit 30.