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So guys I’ve just hit 3k and I think my heart is bursting with happiness and the absolute shock over this. I appreciate every one of you, and I don’t care if I say it all the time, because it’s true! Thank you all so much! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a while now, and I think now’s a better time than any. 

All the blogs below are quality, run by lovely people who post all the things that brighten up my dash every day. If you’re not following them, you should be!


amindobsessedbytennant anniviech arainbowcalledtennant badwolfrun david-tennants-little-fangirl dirty-brian fracturedmind from-human-to-timelord imnotacommittee


lauraxxtennant mizgnomer oh-tennant raggetymanftw rexalexander rosetylered


talktoten tallskinnyscottishblog tendoctor tennydr10confidential tenthdoctor-allonsy the-tenth-will-see-you-now thexthdoctor timelordcurse timeywimeyten vmdraco weeping-who-girl whatisthepointofyouhardy whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid whovianfloozy

Tennydr10confidential’s Follow Forever

A-D: @basmathgirl @captaingrahamcr @captain-jackharknessx @basmathgirl @burningupasuntosay @dontbeanassbutt @david-tennants-little-fangirl @david-tennant-allons-y @amyjeane @doctortenny @david-misha-benny @doctordaisydana @allons-ywibblywobbly @davidtennantrequests @bit-of-a-timelord @daydreamingtimelord @alaska-riversong @dvandme @burningupasuntosay @balderrask(couldn’t get yours to link here)

E-H: @elsinore-snores @fiftysevenacademics @emmettcarverssoulmate @gallifreyfallsnevermore @heartofthelizard @gingercrawford @geekytennant 

I-L: @lanitennant @licensed-to-ruffle-dat-hair @jeeno2 @licieoic @luv4dt @iheartheartgallifrey @ktrosesworld @kiadshoo @lonely10th 

M-P: @mrtl85 @pinstripedspikyhair @notgingerandalittlebitfoxy @ofgallifreyandtimelords @pillie-biper10 @missmonty @onceuponaprettylittlefandom @petervincentmasterofdarkness @olga-endymion @ohmydavidtennant

Q-T: @tennant-only-tennant @tendoctor @tennanttickles @tennantsforever @shredsandpatches @roastingdavidtennant @suns-of-gallifrey @thedoctorofsteel @tennantfan @thetraciwho @theravengallifreyan @tennyrudeandnotginger @roseoswiins @swanqueenbaby78 @tenthdoctorsrose @talktoten @rvde-and-not-ginger @tempestinatea-cup @tate-tennant @tennantivejourney @thechickwiththetardis @thebubu-svk @standardwhore @skyeryder-rose @theimprovartist @starry-eyed-romance

U-X: @voidme457 @weeping-who-girl @wearetens-weareproud @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid @wolfishsoul @wayward-walkerkilling-pirate @weirdosinthetardis @xxdtfanxx @wintersummer–3232

Y-Z: @yesiwouldwalk500miles

Alright I just wanted to do this because, and if I missed anyone please don’t be upset because I love all the blogs I follow with my mutual blog doctah-ironholmesgrl08. But these are mostly the ones I reblog or keep track of things for my David Tennant blog here, and I wanted to share these great blogs I follow with everyone else.

tennydr10confidential aka Katie

So in the spirit of all the other follow forever’s on my dash, I’ve decided to do one. And that feels weird.Everyone here is magnificent and I think you’re all really great and your blogs are perfect and like if I could actually spend forever on your blogs, then I would. Honestly.

# - D

0stackcats0 | abirdaboxandachippedcup | accobrevs | acronymed | alexskingston | aloneinspaceandtimealongcametheponds | alt-jameliasrory | amyandrorywilliams | amyandroryamyskhaleesi | amywiliamsaroseandapondasharastarfall | brienneoftarth | burningupasuncanoeingitcapalxii | captainhookilycardinalcapaldicerseilannster | cheekbonesofbennyclarabosswald | clarabosswins | claraoswaldsclaraowalds | claraoswin | claraslost | clarasrosee | claraoswuldsdavid-tennants-little-fangirldoctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | doctordonahdoctormuggle | doctorsafraidduckodeathreturns 

E - H

essentialasair | fairytalespondfarewellelevenfearlesspond | felicityqueenss | felicitvsmoakfelixdawkins | fezzingly | forbesmikaelsonfuckyeahhousestarkghostrelicgreetings-from-the-tardis | hamishwatson | hybridlovelies

I - M

iheartdramas | insurgentpotato | its-a-duckpond | jaimestarkjenna-louise-colemanjvmiefraser | kazzgillans | kcismyreligionkhaleesiofwine | klarogasms | klarolineepicloveklarolineskhaleesi | klauscarebear | klaussbarbieklaussified | klausswordholder | ladybriennelannister-ing | lannistred | leda74likeadove | livingdeadblondequeenlokidindeed | loving-klaroline | lyannas | mararders | matt-smith | mattsmithissexy | mclfoy | mcvoys | moonandstarscollide | moriarty | mspond | myclara | mycroft-holmes-approves | myheartiswholocked | mylittlebigbluebox | mytardismydoctor |

N - R

niklaushale | nothingeverlostoodlyenough | oswinoswaldoswinsleaf | pattroughton | paulwelseypeirwinpetercapaldme | petercapaldypetrcapldipintpotjudas | ponderingthegalaxiespondifying | pondspondsponds | praise-elevenqueencerseiraggedy-amelia | raggedy-matt | raggedymans | raggedysfarewell | riversclara | robbstarks | roryarthurwillaims | rosetentyler  | rosetylear | rosetylered | rosetyller

- Z

salvatoreh | shakspeare | shipatfirstsight | shutupstrax | smithsgillan | snuff-out-the | soufflesforgallifrey | spenditwithyou | stannisbaratheon | stephadoo | tardishearts | tardismonkey | targaryaens | tate-tennant | teamklarotardthe-doctor-is-mine | thedoctorlekthedoctorsthief | themightybadwolfthepondsonacloud | thewench-and-thekingslayerthoscheiongallifrey | thranduril | totallymarriedriver | tvd-we-are-familytywins | unwillingadventurer | valedacemwatsonly | weeping-dalekswhatthefoucaultwhenyourunwiththedoctor | whouffle | whouffles


Thank you guys for making my 2014 so much better than 2013. I hope the coming year will be full of happiness and cute puppies for you all. This is my first follow forever so sorry if i missed anyone! Creds to the coolest Amanda for taking the time to make this amazing gifset for my peasant self. 

  • mutuals bolded

♛ amanda

you get a special mention bc you’re the lamest. thanks for introducing me to the cool side of tumblr. this blog wouldn’t be here without you tbh.

ps: ur a nerd

some honorable mentions bc these blogs are exceptionally amazing

11thdoctr // allonsy-allonswin // amazingoswald // c1araoswa1d // cutiecoleman // david-tennants-little-fangirl // doctorsafraid // e1evenc1ara // gwendolynstacy  // jingleoswald  // malcolmclara // ollyhooper // rosetylr // sassandsouffles // soccercopp // thedoctordances // trenzalores // twelveclara


amyskhaleesi // amysredwellies // aryqstark // avcnger // bellcrkes // billiepiiper // bisexuallison // brightstarclara // brucevbanner // butmelindamay // capaldicity // capaldii // capaldy // carolingtwelve // claramyclaraa // claraplease // claraschinman // claraschoice // claraslost // clarasouffle // cloningclub // coffeeandtimelords // daeure // ddeadpools // dearheartclara // donnanobl // dracomalfuoy // echoesofclara // elevenshearts // emmettcarver  // fallenbowtie // fallenfez // farewell-raggedy-man // felixdawkins // fitzsimmon // geronipond // goldenoswald // hesaidgeronimo // highcouncil


impossblegirl // jenna-louise-coleman // jennacoleman // kittysong // lecompanion // littlemissjlc // maisiewilliams // matt-smith // mattsmithissexy // milkforthesouffles // morganapendragons // nobleamy // oswinz // perfectlyrose // pondarling // pondes // pondifying // pondrific


 weepinglittleangelcastiel // wingedbucky // shutupstrax // tardissauce // sunnyedge // shadowemrys // snowysmith // waywardsnow // tardisvoice // rarggedyman // taurielz // rebeltwelve // sassykidneys // trenzalorefalls // rorywilliamsamypond // showclarathestars // winteryoswin // riversmelodyy // trenzabells

shoutout to the gayforjennanetwork people for being cool and rad

faithful-viewer’s 2k & New Year Follow Forever

I can’t believe I hit 2.000 followers before New Year’s Eve! What a great way to end this year, which has been very important for my life although somehow hard for my whole family. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I never once expected to reach such a milestone nor to get such a great, passionate response to my gifsets and pictures from my trips. I honestly appreciate every single note and comment, because the opportunity to share the things I enjoy with likeminded people it’s the very reason I love this site no matter what. So I decided to do this little follow forever as a way to thank all my fantastic followers for sticking with me. I love every single blog I follow, and all my mutual followers have a very special place in my heart, especially the bloggers I have the honour to know/have met irl, but I obviously couldn’t list all the 280+ blogs I follow. So please don’t be offended if you don’t find your name in this list, I haven’t forgotten about you, and that’s why I’ve put the link to my blogroll page at the end. I just decided to only include the blogs that inspire me the most, the ones that I really admire and look up to, the ones that brighten my dash and always make my day, as a sort of master list of the blogs that absolutely everybody on Tumblr should follow. Hope you’ll enjoy it, thank you again for this wonderful year together, here’s to many more!

# - C

221bakerloo add-a-little-spark allthedrarryfeels alwaysthedoctorsrose ameliasimaginaryfriend amyskhaleesi amythegloriouspond arthurdrvill arthurpendragonns aspacemancametravelling attackeyebrow attackoneyebrows badwholfwhouffle bahtmun beautifulxmaddness bisexualcooper branfell burningupasun burntlikethesun butdoctorwho casteile chancemaycrown clarabosswald cooltennant cormacmclaggens cruciothelights

D - H

dadskills david-tennants-little-fangirl deadhpool doctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doctorhbu doctorwho doctorwhoedit eggnogtyrion eliesekoroshiya elysean emmawathson expelliarmus ezriela fuckitykidneys gallifraye gallifreyan-detective gallifreyfalls gingerbreadbbatch greatspacedustbin hedvik hereticality hogwarts-express humany-wumany hvnteddean

I - N

iamsonothere idjitscarryon intothedalek ireneadler isntthatwizard ithelpstodream itsmdktown jellybabiesandfishcustard kapaldy kathmo kingslyers ksica magicboxandangelwings mariajensen matteleven mattsmithissexy merrypopppins mh10thdoc momecat mostly10 mvrgaerytyrell mycroftplayingoperation myfatmadnotsoteenageblog mylittlebigbluebox nataliedomrer nevillles nobleamy nowandforeverharrypotter

O - S

ohremus oimatchstickman oppabang petercapaldy pondragon pottersir praisethecumberlord pterodactylsandchocolate punk-kieren-walker reichenfeels richardcosnett riversclara riversnogs rosecutietyler rosetylered scriptscribbles shutupstrax sir-mycroft smallestdollinababushkadoll soldierjohn speculationspectrum stephadoo stupidape

T - W

tennant-only-tennant tennantmeister the-onion-slut thelittletimelady thesongofmelodypond thisismahtardis thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic timelordcurse timelordsteven totorale-saves-the-tartan trenzalaore trojanwars twelvesmistresstoe vanconcastiel vastandcomplicated weeping-who-girl wheazley who-lligan winterfel winterinthetardis

+ blogroll

That's Just Mean - YouTube

Please take a minute to watch this amazing video brought to you by the lovely watching-what-happens who describes the video as follows:
Basically, I made a video last week that did a bit of an experiment on how young men would react to having to read misogynist or gender exclusive things I found from twitter out loud and on camera.

Please share this with friends and family.
Reblog this, Facebook post, Tweet it.
Get this powerful and moving video out there! Thank you. Lots of love peoples!!
ophelia-tagloff sixpenceee smittentomkitten legion567 taylorswift tomhazeldine winterheart17 quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks enchantedbyhiddles emspeaks rosebudwhite pedeka persephone622 allthatandasideoftom david-tennants-little-fangirl fromhiddleswithlove gvmora hiddlestatic jarrigoni jossisgod just-call-me-mrs-captain kathrynbjordahl ladyhiddles zhora-salome calmingbrits charmedark bluepueblo becausehiddles notsomolly nerdysingingcatlady nwadadnama neither-blue-nor-green markruffalo xdelayedgratification xxsniperettexx xxsilvertonguespiritxx

So, here I am with my new Following Forever!






Hello everyone! Some time ago I hit 1000 followers and I decided to make a follow forever. Thank you so much. I don’t even know why you follow me but I’m really happy that you do. Also special thanks to people who talk to me and send messages from time to time. I really like getting messages :D


allons-ywibblywobbly androsetyler anniviech aroseintyme badwolfrun big-little-blue-box billpipes bloodytwitter blueboxtraveller braveten capaldisbluetardis captaingrahamcr clueing-for-bowties cooltennant crazyandsexy creamcolored-converse david-tennants-little-fangirl davidtennantfever dialechotty dirty-brian doctadonner donnanobie dovtorwho dunderklumpen dxvidtennxnt


elliealec evil-bean fadewithfury gallifreyanheartss gallifreyslostson gracie-ts halorvic hardyrose hardythehermitcrab hardythetimelord hardyxmiller heartbreakingtennant heartofthelizard hiseleventhhour


iheartheartgallifrey justanothertenlover kiadshoo ktrosesworld lauraxxtennant licieoic lostinfic loverosetyler


marcasite mizgnomer moltobenebananas ofstormsandwolves perfectlyrose pillie-biper10 princetennant


raggedy-tennant rexalexander rointheta rosetylered rosetylr rundalek silence-will-fxll tall-skinny-scottish tardis-frostiron-hannigram tennanttickles tennydr10confidential tenscupcake tenthdoctorappreciation theassinthemask thebadddestwolf thepeacemonster thestars-arefire timelordcurse timelyvortex tineviel


weeping-who-girl weepingcapaldi whatisthepointofyouhardy whatisthepointofyoutimelords whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid whoinwhoville wishuponabluebox

I hope i didn’t miss anyone. Thanks again :D


tiesandtrenchcoats rosewolfy iwantdavidtennantforchristmas lonelydoctors twelfthnightt lixabiz rointheta gallifreys-song rosecutietyler rosetylered badwolfrise igivetoomanyfeels  badwolfrun david-tennants-little-fangirl suckitnerds dontgoeleventhdoctor tenrose-s dosctorwho proffesorlupin xspelliarmus winterbowtie rebeltwelve ameliapvnd sansapond jencolman blueboxtraveller mxlfoy whouffle capaldikidneys badwolfrun amypund tardisvoice rosetvler riversclara riversmelodyy goldenoswald tardissea capalldi billiepiiper elevenshearts oswinz tenshair grumpytwelve hollyjollytardis lecompanion thedonnanoble sassyfezz badwollf mydarlingdoctor tenandhisbadwolf ksica tennants-hair spacevortex ponnds pondiffrey doctrs rosetylars perfectlyrose runcleverclara nightofthedoctor stardustedrose child-o-gallifrey scaredoswald angstinspace winterinthetardis thebluewolfhowling bigtardiswolf whoinwhoville badwolftennant bow-to-my-tie lecheval mastersamwise cooltennant rosectyler pouahhh deducingwho travelintimeandspace rcsetylr echoesofthebadwolf petercapoldie rosecutietyler trenzharose merryoswald 

First of all: Sry for this shitty graphic *awkward smile* but Cas and the colors c:

I just hit  Follower Goal and many *chough* three *chough* kind of requested a Follow Forever !! YAAY Lets do this!! But I want to say thanks to all of you for making my dash a perfect place. And all my Followers. Because I never thought I  get more than 40 :D

Faves + Mutuals are seperated

The most amazing people I met here

avenngers​ [now sccttsummers​ ] + punkxsteve​ + flyingwithcas

Other awesome blogs/people

aarontaylorjonhson  +  amyskhaleesi +  angelsofletters +  antlerssam +  astrologycas + autisticcas +  borntosavethedoctor +  bowties-and-cheekbones +  brotherlyfeels +  brucebanncr + capuletcas +  casteile +  castieladrift +  chaoticcas +  charliegradbury  +   cherrymish + chrisprvtt +  chrliecox +  clintbarhton +  crownlesscas +  dancewithmejensen +  david-tennants-little-fangirl +  dclete +  deans-colette +  deansmuffin +  deanssunshine +  doctorstwelfth + doctortenny +  dreamyjensen +  dyingtimelord + elcventh +  expelliarmus + fairytailamelia +fallingbucky + fazedean + flowerjensen + flowerscas + foreverwholocked + fyeah-eleventhdoctor +gabricl + gallifreystands + galuhfrey + girl-from-another-dimension + grandpacain +hallowedbecastiel + hermioneshour + hopestiel + impossible-woman + impossiblekaren +impossiblyamelia + in-cap-we-trust + itisnotasnogbox + jagerjensen + ladyoswald +leakycauldrcn + love-that-marvel + lunardean + majestymisha + mattmhurdock + mattsmurdcks +mcrvels + mearauders + merauders + mishastippens + natashromnov + nebnla + papajensen +peggiecartre + perfectlyrose + perfjensen + plaidnwhiskey + puppymish + purgatorycas +raggedymans + raxacoricofallapatorius-m-e + rbertdowneyjr + rcsetylers + riversclara +rorywilliams + samwilson + satindean + savingchesters + sherbot + startrekdean + steebrogerz +taintedean + tattooedsam + thecausetm + thedoctorsdarling + theenigmaofriversong +theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes + thornsam +  timelyvortex + timetraveldean + trenzaloures +vanquishdean + vanquishsam + vodkasam + winqlesscas + winteersoldier + yowzaah

And this lovely mutuals

ad-astra-castiel + aelinashryveres + agentmaximofff + blueboxacademy + booksnatural +bowtiehour + boyfrienddean + casmazing + cialrenovak + claraosjwald + crashingcas + daleke +deanandbaby + deansbootyjams + deanwinxester + demoniacsam + doctorrbluebox +doctorwhoknew + doritograntrogers + emmasdarkness + envydean + eternalwinchesters +felciadays + fyeahmisha-collins + ghostofycu + gxllifrey-falls + hotstuffdean + hvrtdean +jaredsbootyjams + jerkxbucky + judewinchester + lmpossibleamy + mirthfulcas + mishacoliins +mishasbootyjams + murdockcutie + omoriarty + oswinism + patrcolvs + quicky-silver +spaceboycas + starkindustres + strengthcas + supernaturalapocalypse + thatexactleaf +thedoctorsjawn + timelordinaustralia + warriorcharlie + worthyavenger

Check out my Blogroll for all the people I follow :)

So I’ve never done one of these before, but I figure I’ve had this blog for nearly 2 years (my tumblr birthday is Dec 28th!) so its probably about time. The Holidays seem an appropriate time to show my appreciation to those I consider my friends and to promote the blogs I most avidly follow. Mutuals are italicized. If you’re a mutual I just already consider you my buddy okay. You are all wonderful and I hope 2015 treats you well. ♥

𝔸 - 𝕄

atimelordswife ☆ addictedto-lifebadwolflupin ☆ badwolfrunbad-puns-are-cool barcelonatheplanetbearly-dressedbigtardiswolfblueboxtraveller ☆ blueboxdrifter ☆ burningupasunbutdoctorwhocaesaretluna captainaragorn carlycapricious celebucheeseburgerinutah clarabosswalddavid-tennants-little-fangirldaxicab ☆ derpest-closet-romantic doctorwhodracosferret emsoble euclase2fadewithfury fortime gallifreyburning i-am-momo-senpai insert-effort-here jadeisthesky jencolmanjingle-bell-dalek ☆ joanniewatsonlumos5001misstardisbluemmmmh-prod moonofpooshmassimagine melbear124 miamiblackout

ℕ - ℤ

nichelenowrunalong ofoolsohthesunwillriseoutcastfromgallifrey pagingdrwho patrickrennie pattroughton pendingpendulums perfectlyrosepippik ☆ raggedymans-pond rcsetylrrivermask rosetyleredrunliketennant sarahkeet ☆ stevesbckystbando supinternets tenrose-stimelords-get-bored ☆ timelordstarship ☆ thebadwolfthatwaitedthedoctorlektkross torsamors towardstheforest / hybridshift valueturtlevannadearvilevilescorpio weeping-who-girl whitechristmascas whoinwhovillewholocksarecool whovian182 @writingfish

Hello everyone! I just hit the unbelievable number of 3k followers! So I’ve decided to celebrate this with a little follow forever. You should really follow these blogs cause they are amazing! Mutuals are bolded. I’m sorry in advance for all the people I forget. Next time I change my blog’s theme I’ll add a blogroll I promise.

A ~ C

amandaseyfried androsetyler arthurpendragonns arthursowl badvvolfrose badwolfrun badwollf boromirs burningupasun burntlikethesun clarabosswald cooltennant 

D ~ F

dannepink darkniflheim david-tennants-little-fangirl detectivechilds dimensionhoppingrose elektrahnatchios elliealec elodieyungs elvenking expelliarmus fantasticphoenix fayegreener fitznosimmons

G ~ L

 goodnightclaraxoxo heartbreakingtennant hughidancy ianmckllen ircnpatriot isntthatwizard johnnystorrm kahalahala ksica leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas lord-gaylrond lupinteddys 

M ~ Q 

magda-lennah maidclaraian matt-murdocked  my-flourish-and-blotts ninthsdoctor oodlyenough orlandobloom oswinism pcapaldii peggysatwell perfectlyrose 

R ~ Z 

ravenwitch rcsetylr rointheta​ rosecutietyler roseinstarlight rosetylered  scienceoftheidiot sherlockgasm starksnstripes strawberry-split swietlik talesofnorth tenrose-s thebadwolf timeladv timelordinvictus tinyconfusion youngfalcxns 

Time for another one of this, because I hit 5k followers and that’s a nice milestone. :)

Friends are italicized and mutuals in bold.


andlifeisgrand ★ becausehiddles ★ benedictdaily ★ cheers-mrhiddleston ★ cumberbatchlives ★ cumberswag  


daalen  ★ damnyouhiddlesdarkniflheimdavid-tennants-little-fangirlduskybatfishgirlenchantedbyhiddleseve1978fancykrakenfouzaniiforeverlokidfromhiddleswithlovefyeahtomhiddleston


get-lokidhard-on-for-hiddlestonhiddlebum hiddlemanips hiddles-and-a-cuppa-teahiddlesblog hiddlesluscioushiddleston-dailyhiddlestongifs


khaleesi-of-lokilarygolegolasllego-lokiloki-for-rulerlokihiddlestonlokiperfection​ ★ lukebrandens


magnus-hiddlestonmoltobenebananasonebuttscratcherorlandobloomquietdvrknesssherlockspeare sigyn-hiddleston


teacuphiddlestenscupcakethoriolanustom-and-bentomhiddleston-gifs​ ★ tomnotloki​ ★ tomsassgard​ ★ weeping-who-girl​ ★ whenisayrunrun​ ★ zorped

Pretty sure I forgot a lot of nice people so make sure to check my blogroll as well :)

And while I’m at it, I have way to much sideblogs, check them out!

benedict-cumberbatch-gifs​ ★ chris-evans-gifs​ ★ david-tennant-gifs​ ★ matt-smith-gifs​ ★ tom-hiddleston-gifs

Happy Holidays friends!! 

List of my favorite blogs and favorite people. (I LOVE YOU)

A-C a-world-of-our-very-own, actinglikewedontexist, aheartfullofbones, amywiliams, astudyinholmesnwatsonattackeyebrow, barry-caitlinbellefrenchs, booksareallweneed, boothblythe, booths-squintboothseeleyboothbrennannbooth, brennanseyes, burnmoriartycaptainoftheteas, caraphernever, cmdrstevenrogerscolfercabello 

D-F daisycoulsondarylgrimes, david-tennants-little-fangirldoctorrsong, donnaten, elevenriverfelicitycaitlinfelicitysss, feliclty-smoakflashallens 

G-J gahlifre, gleeklainebowharry-zayns, hddleshldhedwigyitzhak, heygigantor, housetyrell,  icandig-elvis, imnotadalekimhuman,  jeenacoleman, jinglecockles, jonasbrothers

K-N killthereindeer, kimkindapossible, klainey-raudenfeldleejinqi, lionheartnking, littleruiners, matt-smithmichaelaconlin, misha-collins, mishasminionsmmaslanysmrvanlllamilkshake, my-ponchoboysnatnegovanils 

O-R ohtwelve, okbonesolicitiesoliverbarry, phxlcoulson, pigorcow, queens-smoak,  raggedymansraggedy-mattrickety-cricketsrickreedus, riveralwaysknew, riversclarariversnogs, roxiescallionrumbelles 

S-W selfiebc, sentimental-apathy, sherlecksherlocksmillanfeels, smillanotp, snowssmoak, snowycarols, ssherlckstankrushnic, starneverbrighter, stephisinsanitystileesstilinski, stillwaitingforsomething, storybrookesupermegafoxyawesomehotswiftardis, tardis-impala, taylor-swift-sherlocktayloralisons, teamjeffersonian, temperancesmoak, the-timelord-who-bloggedthievesandqueens, trenzqloretywins, wenidgo, wynchester

Sorry for the awful graphic >.<

Ooohhh look, it’s midnight! This means it’s my birthday *wooohoo* :D
As some of you know I made a poll a while ago and you voted for me to do a Follow Forever but who knows I might do my first Tumblr Awards soon !!!

This is also a thank you to all the blogs that brighten my dash every day :)

mutuals are bolded

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I’m sorry if you aren’t in this post but I’m a forgetfull potato :( ! I feel bad for the blogs I left out as I love all the ones I follow. You really should check them all out here >> [Blogroll]