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Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Four of Four)

Excerpts from the Idiot’s Lantern DVD Commentary:

David Tennant:  we were trying to really push as well, with the Doctor and Rose getting kind of a bit dressed up in the full, kind of, period gear - which obviously we don’t always do. Sometimes when we go back in time we’re just dressed as the Doctor and Rose usually are.  But here because they were planning a trip, they’ve kind of got dressed up.  Rose is in the full gear, which suits Billie so well, doesn’t it?  I think it said in the script something like, “Perhaps the Doctor has combed his hair a bit,” but we thought let’s just go for it, let’s do the full quiff.

Ed Thomas:  And how long did that take?

David Tennant:  The first day, not long actually.  About half an hour the first time we did it, and then Steve who does my makeup, got it down to about 15 minutes I think.  But you’ll notice in the episode we filmed directly before this, which was out-of-sequence – it was episode 11, Fear Her, I really need a haircut for most of that but we were just trying to eek it out so that I gave Steve enough to play with do to the “D.A.” down the back.

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What Olivia Colman and David Tennant whispered to Harvey Weinstein

Olivia: (You know, David has the finest arse in the whole of space and time.  The fangirls really want to see him in something where he gets a bit of action)

David: (It’s true I have and I’m demonstrating that right now.  My Next Big Project will showcase that - you can direct if you like?)’

Harvey: (*fangirling*) Oh my God!

Olivia: I know