david tennant with long hair

Question meme: DT edition

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1. Dave Tiler (Single Father) or Will Burton (The Escape Artist)?

I have to go with Dave… He is so vulnerable…

And yet so… unf! And that HAIR

2. Peter Carlisle (Blackpool) or Peter Vincent (Fright Night)?

Peter Peter Peter, without a doubt!! I mean, Blackpool, c’mon!

But in the interest of science, let’s just leave this here, shall we?

3. Alec Hardy (Broadchurch) or Ten (Doctor Who)?

As much as I love Mr. Mcgrumpy gorgeous face

DW and Ten… welllllll

4. Ten or Tentoo (HAHAHAHAHA)?

“I look like him, I think like him, same memories, same thoughts, same everything” So I really don’t know what you’re asking here…

5. Favorite gif of David Tennant?

Any gif of DT being an adorkable fanboy is always a fave and man, his fascination with the ood… :D

6. Favorite picture of David Tennant?

Considering only the photo shoots, this one is one of my faves: unguarded and just welp, adorable! (Dr. Seuss t-shirt a plus)

7. Favorite David Tennant role?

8. Favorite feature of David Tennant?

His everything doesn’t count, right? Let’s see…

His smile/laugh/eye crinkles

That glorious hair

Dat booty

That tongue

Those hands/the hand talk

Trademark blink/bottom lip/eyebrows/wonky ear/freckles

I could go on and on, but basically just being a precious-adorkable tall skinny scottish bloke

9. Favorite hair style of David Tennant?

10. Plait or long and loose (I had to, lol)?

But I could have used more of this longer hair…

11. Favorite sex/kissing scene (sorrynotsorry)?


But let’s not forget about these…