david tennant sideburns


Appreciation of Tenny’s Sideburns

This is an excerpt taking from Doctor Who Magazine before David’s first run as the new Tenth Doctor in 2005. He is talking about his sideburns.

How many big decisions did you have to make just for that minute’s worth of screen time in episode 13? I guess things like accent, hair style, even the way you wanted your Doctor to be remembered over the five month gap must have been decided upon in advance?Well yes, that was part of the import of those few seconds. We did discuss these things. I remember we decided that I was going to have sideburns - which I’m currently growing back. I wasn’t sure if they were real! Prosthetics these days, you know…Oh please! (Laughs) They were all my own sideburns, and shall be again. So we decided on that, we decided on roughly what my hair would be doing, I suppose. We didn’t want to get too specific, so we had the chance to change it a bit if we wanted to. Just as long as it wasn’t a pink mohican! The accent thing was decided for me, really. For reasons that will become apparent in the up coming Christams Special. I think you’ll find it’s explained, although I’m not saying any more on that…