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The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (7/12)

Six Davids with Blowing Hair


James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis in Agent Carter.


David Tennant tries to get someone laid and fails


Roderick Peterson

Surprisingly suggestive for a character in a children’s Xmas film.  


“Long-term memory, okay? When you were three you had this, um, big… juicy fruit… orange, orange car that you sat in and you pushed with your feet. Only, you never did it yourself, ‘cause you always got me to push you everywhere. And Mum used to get upset with you for being lazy, but I could make you go fast, I could give you a nice ride. Thing is, right, now, I know I can’t do anything for you that’s even that simple anymore. And half the time I’m gonna be the boy in the orange car. But… I’m so proud of what you can do now, and what you’ve done. And a couple of months ago I was jealous of your future, ‘cause I haven’t got one to speak of, but my life now is gonna be what happens to you. And you. Before, I thought that I was the main event, and the breadwinner and the go-getter… now I’m just happy watching you. So… good luck, son.”

Welcome to the David Tennant Fandom

So you are new to the David Tennant Fandom. First of all let me and whole bunch of other David Tennant fans say from the bottom of our hearts, “Welcome.” Anyway, the following is a list of unwritten rules or guidelines mostly all of David Tennant’s fans try to follow, and to be honest as long as you do the last one mentioned, then you will have no problems getting along with others in this fandom.  Besides they’re more like friendly suggestions. Here are the top ten rules/guidelines to the David Tennant fandom:

1. Don’t mention his family unless he mentions something about them publicly; that also includes his wife. If you are wondering why this is? It’s because David Tennant is very private when it comes to his family, and it’s up to us as his fans to respect that of him.

2. Don’t spread hate about him in the fandom. If you don’t like him keep it to yourself. You wouldn’t go into someone’s home and start saying rude and hateful things about it, so why go into the David Tennant fandom and do the same thing. We all don’t have to like the same people or things, but we do have to learn to respect those that do.

3. Don’t tell others what to do when it comes to him in the David Tennant fandom. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing their love for him. And no one has the right on here or anywhere else to tell anyone how that love should be expressed. As long as you are not doing something to harm him or others in real life go ahead blog, write, geek out over David Tennant however the hell you want. It’s that simple.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are all here to offer guidance and suggestions when it comes to David Tennant. Whether you are looking for new material to watch with him in it, are curious about his other media of work, or just looking to meet new friends, we are all here help.

5. Try to have fun within the fandom. David Tennant may seem like a serious guy with many of his roles that he takes, but honestly he is quite funny, loving, kind, and very humble. He always has a way to make one laugh or smile in any situation. He just has that special charm about that makes you love him no matter what.

6.  The David Tennant fandom is not a competition. Yes, others including myself have been lucky enough to meet him at least once or more than once, but that should not discourage you in any way. If anything think of it is as possible goal you may one day obtain, and if it doesn’t happen oh well. Your love for him won’t change regardless if you meet him or not. Just be a devoted fan in whatever way you can be. Cos in the end when we do start making it a competition it just becomes silly.

7. Find some way of your expressing your new found love for David Tennant. Whether it be giffing, writing fan fiction, making fan art, videos etc. Do something that you are comfortable with, hell even just following a David Tennant blog or two, or just watching the many things he is in counts too. The David Tennant fandom is very expansive, so you will always find something about him to elaborate on.

8. Don’t worry if you only seen in him one thing. Regardless if you seen him in one thing or a lot of things; that doesn’t make you any lesser of fan than any of his other fans myself included. As long as you are genuinely enthusiastic about learning more about him then you have nothing to worry about, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

9.  Don’t rush into things with this fandom. Take your time. David Tennant isn’t going anywhere for a long time, and he is continuing to star in many new projects year after year. So take a deep breath and don’t let anyone tell you where to start in the fandom. Just start in the David Tennant whenever you feel comfortable.

10. Last but not least, try not to be rude or hateful towards other David Tennant fans. It’s sad how one of the world’s nicest people can have fans who can be downright rude and nasty to his other fans just because they can be. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all; it’s simple as that. Everyone is different, and everyone is going to do things differently, and not everyone will like what others do, but don’t get all high and mighty about it. We all can’t be the same or do exactly the same thing, but we can all learn to get along as long as we do the following gesture of kindness towards one another.

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Broadchurch S2 is over. What are we gonna do now?

Now we wait

abc news interview
  • Interviewer: Danny and David, you have kids, were you keeping that in mind as you were playing these characters, as something you would want them to watch?
  • David Tennant: Yeah, mine are really excited, yeah - I think it's something that...they finally understand what I do, you know, and they can properly engage with it.
  • Interviewer: Cos some of your previous work...not necessarily kid-friendly?
  • David: Not necessarily all of it, no. But, you know, we're very open in our house.

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the 'kids' like the new version with David Tennant and Catherine Tate!

You don’t say, Nonny.

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