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The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (7/12)

Six Davids with Blowing Hair


Here’s David Tennant telling you that it’s all gonna be okay. WATCH THIS. It’ll make everything in your life better. ❤


David Tennant being generally adorable on GMTV This Morning

Promoting Series 2 of Doctor Who, being interviewed by Fern Britton and John Barrowman, talking about cat-nun-nurses and stroking their “little furry faces.”

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David Tennant tries to get someone laid and fails

Things you must never say to the fandoms
  • Doctor Who Fandom: I stopped watching that after David Tennant left
  • Sherlock Fandom: You only have nine episodes?!
  • Supernatural Fandom: I don't ship Destiel
  • Merlin Fandom: Knights, castles, magic, aren't you a little old for that
  • Hunger Games Fandom: The fight to the death concept is stupid
  • Divergent: That's just a Hunger Games rip off
  • The Mortal Instruments: Vampires, werewolves, I know Twilight when I see it
  • Harry Potter: I love those films, no I haven't read the books, no I don't plan on reading them
  • Percy Jackson Fandom: I love those films
  • The Big Bang Theory Fandom: I don't like Sheldon
  • How I Met Your Mother Fandom: I don't like Barney
  • Disney Fandom: Aren't you a little old for kids films
  • Me: Go sit on seraph blade, you pudding brain

James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis in Agent Carter.

Why you need to watch David Tennant in “Richard II”

So David Tennant’s performance as Richard II in 2013 is the best thing ever, an instant camp classic, and the production is gay Shakespeare fanfic and you need to watch it now.

Tennant’s look in this production is David Bowie on the Man Who Sold The World album cover, also Stevie Nicks meets Sexy Jesus, and his performance is King Joffrey meets Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, which is ethereal transcendence.

The best part of all is that Tennant got ACTUAL HAIR EXTENSIONS for the role. No cheap wig for a true diva. Here he is with it braided:

He looks like Kate Bush in the “Hammer Horror” video. The hair is so fucking glorious. His hair is better than 90% of humanity’s

But the thing that makes the production itself, and not just Tennant’s gloriousness, seminal, is the gay fanfic subplot the director stuck in there between Richard and his Hot Cousin

Just when you’re thinking, “I could do a queer reading of this,” they actually make out, which is not in the play:

And the director (on the far right, below) looks like a sexy Slavoj Zizek so you can just picture Sexy Zizek rubbing his hands together plotting how to piss off Shakespeare purists with gay fanfic

So in short this is the best thing ever, especially because it got a critic to write this:


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Broadchurch S2 is over. What are we gonna do now?

Now we wait


Richard ii + hair porn for everyone seeing extension-free Richard this week.