david tennant is my favorite muppet

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Aww are you sick at home? I'm sick at home too.... You lost a follower because all the muppet talk eh? Well I guess you just have to stop with all the DT/Gonzo posts. It's a shame. I REALLY love how now every time i see David in that glorious velvet suit I'm gonna be thinking of that weird little muppet. It doesn't ruin my life at all. I will SURE miss those posts. I guess it's for the best tho. Such. A. Shame.

So you mean when you see things like this

… you don’t already think “weird little Muppet”?!

Really? Even after something like this?!


See,  think you’ve got it backward. I think he’s our Muppet. I think instead, you should be thinking “My favorite Muppet is David Tennant.”

So the next time you see this:

… you’ll be thinking about this:

You’re welcome.

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you should make a whole new blog just for muppet tennant madness

That is not a bad idea …

… BUT. I worry that if I turned it into its own tumblr, it would start out like this

External image

and then, thanks to my not exactly brilliant attention span and fickle posting habits, rapidly end up like this

UNLESS: this anon ask is actually some kind of intervention, in which case: