Behind the Scenes of Midnight (Part 2)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 396

“This show will never run out of new ideas,” declares Russel T Davies, Doctor Who’s showrunner. “We tend to hit an experimental patch just before the finale every year, so Midnight was another chance to venture into new territory, and to give David Tennant a script of the like he’s never seen before!  I even dreaded sending it to him, because of certain technical challenges that the entire cast faces, but of course he embraced it and made it brilliant.”

Midnight was so unusual and so difficult to film,” continues Russell, “that we had a rare rehearsal day for all concerned, which helped the whole cast bond. We had the set all marked out in the rehearsal room, with line-runs and discussions of character and motive.  Everyone became good mates on that day. They had to, to survive the endurance test of filming this script.”

“Filming was very intense,” agrees David Tennant. “It was a cramped set, and one scene lasted 45 pages, which we played in 15-minute takes! That’s unheard of in television drama - let alone Doctor Who, which tends to rattle from one scene to the next quite quickly. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to doing theatre on television. It allowed us to sort of indulge in the acting. You just lost yourself in the playing of it. We were all worried that it might drive all of us properly mad, or that it might be very dull to shoot, but actually it was one of the most exciting times I’ve had on this show.”

“It’s a brilliant piece of writing,” enthuses David. “Watching it back, it’s already one of my absolute favorites of all the ones we’ve done.  I think it’s great. The concept, the idea, is so clever, but also the interpersonal relationships within the episode are so finely drawn and so brilliantly played. The cast ate up these parts.”

There’s something heroic in a flapping coat, but at the same time, I need to get rid of it sometimes and just be a scrawny guy in a suit that doesn’t quite fit. So there was a sense of authority to him, but it’s undermined by his own carelessness. He wears a suit, but doesn’t wear it with proper shoes.
—  David Tennant (2009)

Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who Gifset- *Sobbing uncontrollably* Sarah Jane just spoke for all of us who fell in love with the Doctor when he was Ten. Cos how could we possibly forget about him with everything we had been through with him? All those adventures, his companions Rose, Martha, and Donna,  all his good times, his sad times, and even his dark times. How could we forget about him when he had stolen our hearts the moment he came onto our screens as the Doctor? Just how is it even fathomable to even think about the notion of forgetting him. I know that I won’t ever forget about him, not ever, love him way too much to do that. 


Doctor Who Gifset Voyage of the Damned-The Doctor struggling to fight off ship security to warn the passengers of an impeding asteroid shower heading their way. Plus it’s just really hot to see him manhandled and being escorted roughly about the place. And sorry, there is no text to these too much was going on in the scene and I didn’t feel like doing a huge text post for this, plus I just wanted to show him like I said being manhandled for the most part, and I think you get the gist of that without text being on the gifs.