*Sherlock enters into the lab and sees Molly wearing a beautiful dress and an other man with her*

Molly looks at him: Oh Sherlock! I will going out.

Sherlock: I see that Molly…

Molly smiles: Oh yeah I nearly forgot. John Smith this is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes, John Smith.

John smiles: Nice to meet you.

Sherlock: … Me too…

Molly talking to John: We should go?

John: Yeah.

Sherlock: No!

*Molly and John look at each other then at Sherlock*

Molly, embarrassed: Why?

Sherlock: I… I need you…

Molly: I have a date. That will wait, Sherlock.

Sherlock: It can’t!

John: I… I have to go Molls. Call me later… I think you have to talk. *Smiles and kisses her cheek before leaving them alone*


*Sherlock walks in front of her and stops her with a kiss in her lips*

Sherlock: You can’t go out after… After what we told to each other, Molly…

Molly whispers : You said it… You said it like you meant it but it wasn’t true Sherlock so just… Stop playing with my feelings for you. I want to move on.

Sherlock: … I know that it wasn’t the best time to tell you this and that I was forced by my sister but… When you said to me to tell you first … I was afraid because I meant it Molly. All of what I told you in the past were true. You DO count. I hope YOU will be very happy, Molly. I love YOU.

Molly smiles: Did I have to tell you then? Even if you know it…

Sherlock: Yes… Please…

Molly looks at him in his eyes: I… I… I love you, Sherlock Holmes.

I Just Wanted a Nice Night..

At my friend’s house so we can plan and get our trip and everything ready to see David Tennant perform in Don Juan this April in London which I have worked my ass off in order to do so, and I still am because he is worth everything to me. Because I do love him more than anyone could ever imagine to know. And this one stupid troll of an asswipe anon had to ruin it, but whatever I don’t care anymore. I just know that no matter what in the end I will come out on top because they are just jealous and rather see me miserable than happy because, “How dare I see David Tennant again or go to another country when I can’t afford other things right now. How dare I complain about money or ask for help from time to time because most of my money goes towards helping my grandparents who I live with in order to help them out when needed. How dare I post personal posts when I need to rant and use my David Tennant gifs as forms of expressing my emotions at the time. How dare I be happy sometimes when I am supposed to be depressed. How dare I try to defend myself and what I love when someone is being rude or hateful towards me. How dare I post personal posts in the David Tennant tag because I am not allowed to use this blog of David Tennant as an extension of myself and a way to reach a majority of my followers who actually do care about me. And finally how dare I be a fucking human being on this site!” Anyway sorry for the long rant, but I feel like I need to remind people I am…

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I love this XD
“Oooo sorry I didin’t realise! It’s Eddie Redmayne!!!”