Behind the Scenes of Fear Her - Part One

Excerpt from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #372

When DWM arrives on this chilly January morn, that lazybones David Tennant has already completed his one-and-only scheduled scene. The rest of today’s filming all features Rose Tyler.

Preparations are made for the scene in which Rose attacks Chloe’s bedroom door with a pickaxe.  It’s Fear Her’s homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 fright-fest The Shining.

“How many doors do we have?” asks Billie, naturally nervous about the prospect of messing up this scene. Two, comes the answer. “Oh, I reckon we’ll be done in two,” she breezes, suddenly more confident.

Billie takes the pickaxe and steels herself.

“Just enjoy it,” winks Nina Sosanya, playing Trish in this scene. “I’ll cover you!”

“Yeah,” grins Billie, “Then you can do a drop-roll!”

Billie’s first take earns applause. She’s even more accurate on take two.

“How exciting was that?” says Nina.

“Very!” laughs Billie. “I loved it. I’m not going to play it down: it was great!”

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sameastonartist  asked:

*Gingerly steps through the window* New question. What's your favorite DT Aesthetic(TM)? Mine is fluffy hair, glasses, and bright pants (trousers for ya Britannians). Essentially, I like it when he dresses like a stylish 20-something year old.

His laugh for one thing. I love it. He has the sweetest and most sincerest laugh in the world. I mean when he laughs no matter how bad your day is going; he just seems to put a smile on your face.

I love his natural Scottish brogue too. When he was Alec Hardy in Broadchurch you could hear it sometimes. Plus his natural accent is sexy as all get out, and I just love listening to his voice in general.

I absolutely love his hands on so many levels. He has the most gorgeous hands ever. They are soft and manly, and you just want to hold on to them forever(speaking from experience).

Another aesthetic I love about him; is his adorkable geekiness. He is such a fanboy when it comes to many things.  He gets just as excited to meet his heroes as much as we do ours. 

And to finish this off because I can talk about so many aesthetics I like about him, but I think if I post any more it might be time consuming for you to read. So my last favorite aesthetic of his is the way he eats food or puts things in his mouth. Weird I know, but it’s just really hot. 

Anyway thank you so much for the question. I really enjoy receiving your questions. Feel free to disturb me any time you come up with any more. 

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