RUMOUR: David Tennant Tipped To Host Special Celebrity Edition Of The Crystal Maze 

A couple of UK tabloids are reporting that David Tennant is in the frame to host a special one-off revival of the iconic 90’s game show, The Crystal Maze. The puzzle-solving team challenge originally ran from 1990 to 1995 on Channel 4. Now, twenty-one years after it last aired, The Crystal Maze is being revived as a big budget celebrity edition in October as part of Channel 4’s annual fundraiser Stand Up To Cancer. However, the channel have not ruled out the possibility of the show going to a full series if the special episode is a success.

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moonlightphotoedits  asked:

Who is favorite David Tennant character, and favorite thing he has been in? They don't have to be from the same thing.

Honestly, don’t hate me please don’t hate me for saying it, but my favorite character of his is Kilgrave, and not because of Kilgrave’s actions and history as villain, but because David Tennant gave that bastard so much depth. And honestly I can relate to that character minus the whole controlling people thing and other stuff he has done which is completely horrible, but not going into that. It’s bad what he did, but people can relate to him minus the evil shit he has done. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off about Kilgrave there, but if I say I straight out like him then I get attacked. And as for favorite thing he has been in that will be Hamlet, and sorry for the long post and the late reply. 

When you’re incapable of being a casual fan of something and approach a show like “Do I want to watch this and then devote all my time on the internet obsessing, or should I continue obsessing over the hundred things currently obsessed over?”