david tea

I can’t believe Ridley Scott gave me a movie in which Michael Fassbender has to say the words “I do the fingering”…….completely straight faced…….to himself………the pinnacle of cinematic achievement tbh

The bag goes in as the kettle’s boiling. So already I’m not in a pot and I don’t have fresh leaves, so already I’m probably alienating several members of the audience. Bag goes in as the kettle’s boiling, water goes on bag. Masting takes place- for that is the correct term- masting takes places until you have a not too thick brown colour. I don’t like spoon-standing-up-in-it strength. I like a very average strength of tea, I like a sort of dark beige, and then I will put in technically a splotch of milk, that’s how much I have, which is about a thumb, a thumb of milk. Circulate with a spoon. Remove bag before drinking it… Some people don’t! They leave the bag in? What is that about? Though you have to do that with a fruit tea…
—  How David Tennant makes tea