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HC that Someone holds Max for ransom because they’re salty that David retired because he’s hella good at what he does, except they took Max when he was taking a nap and this boyo is a REALLY HEAVY sleeper that only real bad nightmares can wake him from and just sleeps through the w ho l e thing — He wakes up on the car ride home and is just like “huh” and David stops the car to talk it out but Max has nO Idea what he’s talking about and David’s like “okay nvm :)))) let’s go out for icecream!”

Ohmygod- I might actually do a small drawing out of this that is so adorably funny– 


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


Camp Camp past AU where Jasper is still the best camper, David is still a lil grumpy sass, and Gwen’s a camper and doesn’t have crippling anxiety/regret yet

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  • Gwen: David, you can't just adopt EVERY child with a terrible home life.
  • David with Harrison tucked under one arm, Max tucked under another, Dolph on his shoulders and Nikki clinging to one leg: My children now.