david so

True Story: Racism at its Worst. A Response at it's Finest.

I was in an elevator inside an indoor golfing place where I stood next to three older Korean gentlemen. As the elevator ascended, I could feel the stares of the three gentleman on the back of my neck. For some odd reason, from a single glance, they assumed I wasn’t Korean and so they started to talk about me.

“God, there are so many Chinese people coming into this Golf course.”

“ Why is this one so big, he looks like one of those chinks that come through just to mess around and trash the place.”

Now if you know me, I’m not a quiet person when it comes to acts of racism even if it’s not “really” directed towards my ethnicity. But, they were old, so I cooled off on my temper and let them continue with their conversation. I was getting off soon anyways.

As we continued to go up, the elevator stopped, and a large African-American man in a suit came in with a brief case. Seemed like he came here for a meeting of some sort. The moment the elevator doors closed, you guessed it, the old men went on with their racial commentary about the man in the suit.

“Oh my God look how dark this man is.”

“I know why is he so dark? He looks weird.”

“I wonder what he’s doing here. I hate it when black people come into our area. ”

As you may or may not know, I grew up in a predominately Black neighborhood so my blood started to boil. As I clenched my fist and slowly turned to say something, I was caught off guard by something completely unexpected. The elevator stopped, the large gentleman turned around, looked towards the three old men and said in KOREAN:

“ Excuse me. I stood here and listened to everything that you said, and I am sorry that the color of my skin offends you.”

The man walked out the elevator, turned around right before the elevator door closed , and bowed.



Here we have it again, and someone please tell me why I’m not surprised.  We have a bunch of racist bigots attempting to disguise their prejudice in a “comedic” song. Look, I don’t understand what the whole point of being racist is if your not proud of it! If you want to hate Asian people do it proudly don’t be a closet racist. Come out, beat your itty bitty chest and shout it from the mountain tops:


 Why do I say this you ask? I am tired of having to figure out who’s racist or not.  I am tired of people using the guise of poorly conducted “comedy” to mask racism. I am tired of people finding it O.K. to poke fun at another’s cultural background only to brush it off as, “Hey, it’s just a joke.” Society has progressed far enough to the point where yes, superficially racism is taboo but internally, thoughts and beliefs of prejudice are still very much alive.  The band that created this song stated that in NO WAY was this song intended to be offensive. Well my friend, actions speak louder than words and your song speaks VOLUMES.

Not only is the music video STUPID and racist, it’s also SEXIST. Great job fellas! Have a whole ethnicity/race and gender hate you! High five!

Which brings me to the topic of the lovely Levy Tran who decided it would be a great idea to participate in this video making a fool of herself and her culture. Let me put this out there:

Just because you’re Asian, it does not mean your exempt from your stupidity.

 I am surprised that people are only offended by the non Asian band members of the group, but not the Asian girl parading about making fool of herself in one of the most racially demoralizing videos I have ever seen.

I expect, but do not condone these types of behaviors from people who may be ignorant to cultures they do not understand.  Young lady, what’s your excuse? Most likely you don’t have one. I don’t know at all to place an opinion about the content of your character; however, by the looks of this video, it’s not too promising.

You can say that this video was done in pure satire and that this video is just a simple joke. But then it begs the question:

“ Who’s laughing?”