david schubert

Titular photograph from David Schubert’s book Abandon Ship: images compiled during a week-long trip to New York City.

“These days too many people are taking pictures and too many pictures are being taken due to the cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the surveillance that is being done today. This is an evil technological age that we are living in. I also feel that the majority of the people taking these pictures are driven by impure motives. However, I am very pleased to inform you that Dave Schubert exists, and is taking pictures, and has been for quite some time. Dave is a rare being. I don’t think of him as a photographer, because to me that’s a lame professional word used by corporations. He uses his eyes, his heart, and his hands to make epic pictures. Dave Schubert is a see-er.”

- Dash Snow, introduction to the aforementioned book

Times are Tough, Have some Muzik (part 2)

So in the spirit of sharing some of the performances and musical arrangements of my favourite crossover classical composer, David Garrett, performing works by the composers featured in the anime “ClassicaLoid”, here are some more videos. Works by Beethoven and Mozart can be found in this post.


I could only find one piece by Chopin, the “Nocturne”. But it’s a nice arrangement.

Likewise for Liszt

I could only find one piece by Liszt - “La Campanella”. This is actually a pure classical form, which I think is because it is part of the soundtrack of “The Devil’s Violinist” in which Garrett played the violinist Paganini. (I’d love to see it someday.)

Schubert. OMG.

This arrange ment of “The Erlkonig”. I did not know it existed until I found it tonight. It is my new favourite arrangement. OMG.

He also did Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. This one is pure and not rock, which works just fine (although Ave Maria does sound oddly good on an electric guitar. You can Youtube it.)

Next up: Tchaikovsky and Bach

Prosecutor in Bruno Mars Case Arrested For Possession of Cocaine!

Talk about the irony! According to reports from TMZ, Clark County Deputy District Attorney, David Schubert, prosecutor in both Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton’s cases, in their possession of the illegal drug, Cocaine, was arrested on March 19th for possession of the same drug, and placed in the SAME jail where Bruno was previously booked and charged..

Way to set an example Mr. Schubert!

Sources: Tmz.com , wordpress.com, celebs.gather.com

When Prosecutors Act Like The Stars they Bust:


Clark County chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney David Schubert was arrested Saturday night and charged with possession of cocaine. Schubert had been in the headlines recently for prosecuting two high profile cases in Las Vegas: Paris Hilton and singer Bruno Mars. Their alleged crime? You guessed it: Possession of cocaine! Am I the ONLY person that actually listened to what Biggie was saying in the “10 Crack Commandments?!"  NEVER GET HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY! DANG!

Feeling like “a very village of sorrow,”
Just like Franz Schubert, with each sad bourgeois
Dolorously doleful, I only said
When you asked me for my life-story,
“Well, the world is a funny place, un
pleasant things can happen.”

I chewed
the silence, cryptic and stupidly.
I felt diminished by myself, much like
the passport photographs that make you look
like an escaped convict or
the victim of circumstances.

am the oyster shell, after the
succulent seaworm’s been devoured,
with only the pretense of sea in your cupped

The next day you wore a
corsage of pansies.
exultantly alive, serious scholars
of melancholy, brave and lionhearted
with thoughtful thoughts.

in this well of eyes before me, icy eyes,
now in the Broadway 7th Avenue Van Cortlandt
subway, feeling quite walled in, Henry
David Thoreau breaks the ice, says
“Time is the stream I go a
Fishing in—what about

I, Henry, will study
these pansies, profoundest
professors of the world’s woes.


A CORSAGE by David Schubert