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Do you ever like…wonder what would’ve happened if The New Normal had stayed on TV??? Like would Bryan and David be gettin ready for their third kid rn???? Would Goldie be running a billion dollar business????? Would Rocky be producing 10 shows and living in a mansion (with Nana ofc, who has also made trillions selling real estate)??? Would Shania be in frickin MIDDLE SCHOOL?????? Who knows. Not me bitch.

of course kara and maggie will get there in time, but not before she passes out in that tank. so alex is gonna have to come to terms with the fact that she’s going to die. maybe the water is at her waist and she’s still sure they’ll come in time. she’s talking to them through the video feed and trying to keep kara from going off the rails. passing along any helpful information for j'onn. and then the water is at her neck and her feet barely touch the ground and she’s telling maggie she’s okay. her heart is racing a little faster and she’s trying to use her pants to slow the flow of water. but then it’s rising above her head and she has to tread to stay afloat. she realizes there’s only a few inches of air left and no one is on the other side of the video feed. they’re searching for her she knows, but now she doesn’t think they’ll make it. she double, triple checks to make sure there’s nothing else she can do. she wraps her belt around her hand and takes a deep breath the moment the water reaches the ceiling. she pounds on the glass, a last ditch effort fueled by anger and fear of the inevitable. she feels herself getting lightheaded, and thinks of kara. she feels guilty because kara has already lost so much, and alex promised she would always be there. she knows this could break her, that she’ll never be able to forgive herself for not getting to alex in time. but alex doesn’t blame her, she just hopes she’ll move on one day. the water is still, her chest aches and a darkness is clouding her vision. so she closes her eyes, and sees maggie’s face. she hopes maggie isn’t the one to find her, hopes she doesn’t have to see her like that. and she regrets the words she left unsaid between them. she knows she’s fading, can feel her lungs giving out, but she feels calm. maybe this will break kara, maybe maggie will never move on. but she knows they’ll take care of each other. they’re safe, and they’ll remember her.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it

Supergirl does not deserve the privilege of using the silencing of Elizabeth Warrens “Nevertheless, she persisted” as the title of its finale.

This show has failed in keeping up with its feminism of season one, sidelined every PoC character and regulated Kara to a love interest on her own show.

Supergril does not deserve to pat it’s self on the back.


Floriana Lima’s IG Story 7/19/17