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Last night the Academy hosted a tribute to Producer / Director Richard Donner, who helmed such films as The Goonies, Superman, Lethal Weapon, and many others. On hand to praise him were those who have worked with him and those who have been inspired by his work. Top photo (l-r) Corey Feldman, Joseph Mazzello, Mel Gibson, John Savage, David Morse, Rene Russo, Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner, Danny Glover,Geoff Johns, Carol Kane, Ke Huy Quan, Brian Helgeland, Kevin Feige and Jeff B. Cohen. 

The 20 Best-Directed TV Comedy Shows of the 21st Century, Ranked
We rank the outstanding direction that has led to some of television’s most distinctive comedies.
By Liz Shannon Miller, Zack Sharf

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Notable Directors: Fred Savage, Bryan Gordon, David Wain, Ken Marino

One of the best TV ensembles in recent memory was guided to comedic brilliance by its directors, who crafted some of the most insane, out there scenarios around the lives of disaffected caterers. “Party Down” captured so well the way in which our dreams can haunt us, maybe even ruin our lives, and the way in which these directors found the poignancy in that internal struggle makes this show so painfully relatable. With each long lingering look on Adam Scott’s face, “Party Down” broke our hearts.

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look david, so pure and innocent but at the same time so mean and perverse


Oh definitely! He’s so fascinating! 

He smiles but he’s insulting Holloway.

He looks innocent but he’s actually insulting Engineers and humans at the same time. Calm down David.

Then –  holy hell David are you trying to kill us.

David stop you’re utterly savage. 

I’m dead David.