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I like s7. Granted it's not my favorite season by far, but I do like it better than s6. However, I'm also the least critical person when it comes to tvs/movies. I enjoy lots of moments in s7 and find it easy to relate to Rory's character when she's freaking out about her future and definitely enjoy it from that perspective. I always go back and watch s7 when I'm worried about the future, since I like watching something I can relate to.

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Season 7 is literally written like something early seasons Lorelai and Rory would hate watch whilst consuming massive quantities of pizza, red vines and marshmallows. Even though other seasons definitely had their flaws plot-wise and character-wise, season 7 felt like it was written by people who had never even watched the show. I feel like even at her worst, anything from the ASP years was better than literally everything in season 7. Plus David S. Rosenthal is a full-blown grade A creep, so…

I could go on and on why I hate it (much, much more than season 6), but I know it won’t change anyone’s mind and it’ll only piss people off, which I’m not here to do.