david rubinger

EGYPT. Sinai Peninsula. 1972. Hand of a dead Egyptian soldier. 

‘Five years after the 1967 war in Sinai, I returned with colleagues to have a look at the battlefield. The wind had blown away the sand, revealing a macabre memento of the war. The hand of an Egyptian soldier who had found his grave in the dunes. Next to it was his helmet. His forefinger was pointing to heaven as though in admonition: No More War. But Sadat had arrived 10 years too late for him’

Photograph: David Rubinger/Corbis/Getty

Jerusalem. June 9, 1967. In this iconic picture, several Israeli soldiers stand close together in front of the Western, or Wailing, Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, following its capture from Jordanian rule in the Six-Day War.

Photograph: David Rubinger/Hulton Archive/Getty Images