Army Sister

Characters - Derek, Spencer, Emily, Penelope, JJ, Aaron and David

Warnings - mention of limb lose

Word count -551

Summary - Reid’s sister visits him and talks about her injury.


It had been six weeks since your last contact with Reid but ten months since the accident. You hadn’t told Reid about it as it would worry him but he needed to be focussed. Having been going through the traumatic experience your boss wanted you to go home.


‘What are you doing here?’ He questioned bringing you into a hug. Well tried his hands were full of files.
‘I’m on rest and recuperation and temporary leave for the next couple of months.’ You said looking at your leg.
‘Why what happened?’ he asked worriedly, looking to see any wounds. You walked to a chair that was past a group of people that Spencer had been talking before. As you sat you flinched slightly, still not used to the leg nipping you in places. You saw the group of people crowd around.
‘Reid, what di mum say?’ you asked him as the group of people just stood around you both watching you.
‘Oh uh, Derek, Aaron, David, Penelope, JJ and Emily. This is my older sister Sargent Y/N Reid.’ He said going in a full circle. They said their hi’s and you returned.
‘If you don’t mind me asking ma’am what happened?’ Emily asked.
‘please don’t call me ma’am makes me feel old. It was a road side bomb. You said and Reid turned quickly.
‘A road – when did it happen?’ he asked quickly.
‘August 27th.’ You told him remembering the day.
‘What happened?’ Derek asked.
‘We were transporting a high-profile criminal, going the route we took every second Friday. The first vehicle made it past safely, then we went over it and it went off. Next thing I knew we were upside down when the people ambushed us. 12 dead out of 20. It was a mission to kill the prisoner, kill everyone or aim to.’ You talked reliving the memory.
‘You never told me!’ Reid said loudly.
‘Reid, you had to be focussed you were working here and I didn’t really want to, I lost my friends. My team.’ You told him honestly.
‘But-but.’ Reid stuttered.
‘Reid give her peace.’ Derek said, you smiled.
‘Hun, if you don’t mind me asking did you lose it.’ Penelope asked as she seen you rubbing it.
‘Yeah.’ You said as you pulled your trouser leg up to your knees.
‘From the knee down, they tried to save it but it got infected, quickly.’ You said with a smile knocking on your prosthetist leg.
‘How long have you been in the army? Reid hasn’t said much about you.’ Derek and Aaron looked at Reid.
‘Don’t blame him I asked him not to for both out safety. If I got captured or went MIA the enemies could find him and vice versa with this job. You smiled at Reid.
‘How could I lose my little Einstein of a brother, could I?’ you laughed as Reid’s face flushed red.
‘Since I was eighteen, so that would be twenty years of service.’ You replied.
‘Are you going back? Once you’ve healed?’ spencer asked.
‘I don’t think so, Spence, I’m 38 and I don’t have a family. I don’t even have a house. You told him honestly.
‘Commander Stewart said I would be honoured for the service I’ve done, but I’d still miss it, they are my family.’

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every episode of criminal minds
  • Reid: *is injured and/or just having a hard time right now also he's probably on the floor*
  • Morgan: *worried about Reid*
  • Garcia: *worried about everyone*
  • Morgan and Garcia: *verbally doing it while they worry*
  • Prentiss: *speaking every language at once while shooting bottles off a fence from 6 miles away* *sins to win*
  • JJ: *being an actual angel she is literally floating while a choir sings heavenly in the background*
  • Hotch: *can't see because he's been trying to find his way out from under his eyebrows the entire episode* *eventually does, gets the job done, and goes home to his son*
  • Rossi: *getting in everybody else's shit so he can hear about their drama and write about it but not help*
  • Rossi: *spaghettis*
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Aaron Hotchner
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Spencer Reid
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Penelope Garcia
  • Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Emily Prentiss
  • Could kill you by feeding you too much spaghetti: DAVID ROSSI
  • Hotch: the dad, has a resting bitch face, loves everyone but will not tell them, appreciates dogs
  • Gideon: the uncle, hotch and him are referred to as dad and bro, likes pats on the back and making people feel good
  • Rossi: weird highschool teacher that is deeply involved in your life, nosey, in your business, ???
  • Elle: mean older sister, likes picking on you, will steal your fries, if someone is mean to their younger sibling they will kick the crap out of them
  • Derek: older brother, loves everyone, don't get on his wrong side, will either kill you or hug you, doesn't want anyone else to be sad
  • JJ: middle child, hair is always perfect, kinda gay, is good at keeping secrets, always smells nice
  • Penelope: family friend that just kinda is always there, everyone has a nickname, computer nerd, will beat you in any video games, hella bi
  • Spencer: little baby child, thinks he can hold is own and sometimes can, only likes hugs sometimes, obsessed with Halloween, book worm, facts
  • Emily: older sister, very chill, very angry, likes girls, looks good in all clothes, will buy you icees, contemplates by looking out windows
when hotch roasts an unsub/suspect:

👀👌gOod 👀 shIT👌hUh👀 go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do say so my self 💯 i say so 💯

who you should fight in criminal minds
  • aaron hotchner: he killed a man with his bare fucking hands. that should be reason enough to not fucking fight aaron hotchner.
  • emily prentiss: you could fight her and you’d probably lose, but life is already fighting her and winning so please don’t fight emily prentiss. give her a hug instead, maybe get her some coffee. don’t fight her.
  • jennifer jareau: she may look smol and non-threatening, but she will fucking beat the piss out of you in about 10 seconds flat. so don’t fight jennifer jareau, unless you enjoy being round-house kicked in the face.
  • derek morgan: do not fight derek morgan because he is derek morgan.
  • spencer reid: you could fight spencer reid and win, but why would you have any reason to fight spencer reid? because he beat you in a chess tournament? or keeps rambling about doctor who? why are you trying to fight that human lemur?
  • penelope garcia: you’d definitely win the fight, but fighting her would be like whaling on a kitten so you’re going to hell if you decide to fight penelope garcia. plus morgan would come and kill you. so don’t fight garcia.
  • alex blake: why are you still considering fighting fbi agents? don't fight alex blake? she could kill you? are you ok?
  • tara lewis: she hasn't been on the team long, but it's already apparent that you Should Not Fight Her.
  • jason gideon: he is a complete asshole and you should fight him. beat his ass. he’s dead but you can still kick the shit out of his corpse, please.
  • elle greenaway: don’t fight elle unless you have a death wish honestly why is this even under consideration.
  • kate callahan: she has 3 guns. don’t fight her.
  • david rossi: he may be up there in years, but he could still fucking beat your ass and nobody would feel bad for you. don't fight david rossi.