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Working through grief requires confronting one’s loss, admitting the loss, grieving the loss, learning to live with the loss … a renewed sense of meaning or purpose beyond the loss. Each of these processes must be successfully completed in order to resolve one’s grief. This is what therapists call ‘grief work.’ It is called work because it can be a laborious process that takes time and effort. It consumes enormous amounts of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. In order to work through your feelings in a healthy manner, you must actively address them.

Healthy persons learn to respect grief as one of life’s most powerful teachers. Through the experience of grief, people can learn much about themselves, others, and the great truths about the purpose and meaning of life.
—  Forbidden Grief by Theresa Burke, Ph.D. with David C. Reardon

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: A Special Report

Crisis pregnancy centers frequently set up shop near abortion clinics, college campuses, and other health centers, disguising themselves as legitimate health clinics to lure in patients who are considering abortion. Once inside, patients are faced with a barrage of medical misinformation, guilt tripping, and shaming for their choice to have sex, use birth control, or consider abortion.

Myth: Staff represent themselves as medical professionals

Fact: CPC volunteers purposely wear white coats or professional-sounding nametags, but more often than not have no medical training or licensure.

Myth: The risk of breast cancer increases 100% after abortion

Fact: There is no link between abortion and breast cancer

Myth: Abortion increases the risk to mental health, and existence of post-abortion [stress] syndrome

Fact: PASS is not recognized by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. The majority of patients feel relief, and even those that feel regret and sadness still say they made the right choice.

Myth: Women who have abortions have a 154% higher risk of suicide

Fact: This statistic was from a highly flawed study done by David Reardon and Priscilla Coleman, both junk scientists. Learn how to evaluate studies!

Myth: Telling women they weren’t pregnant. Some CPCs also tell women they should wait in case they miscarry.

Fact: This is done in hopes that by the time someone finds out they really are pregnant, it’s too late for an abortion.

malibubarbiepunkprincess  asked:

Hi, just wondering if you have read aborted women by David Reardon. It was written in the 80s but is quite interesting, I'm just a bit unsure about how 'true' it is. It doesn't offer a lot of evidence with its statistics. Just wondering if you knew how I'd find this out?

I haven’t read it but I know of him.  His work has caught a lot of flak for using information that’s based on studies that are methodologically flawed. The Royal Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and of General Practitioners and the APA’s own peer-reviewed studies discredit David Reardon on his false claims.

You should check out the citations he offers in his book and see exactly what he’s referencing and if his sources are peer-reviewed and accepted by actual institutions in consensus.