david reardon

malibubarbiepunkprincess  asked:

Hi, just wondering if you have read aborted women by David Reardon. It was written in the 80s but is quite interesting, I'm just a bit unsure about how 'true' it is. It doesn't offer a lot of evidence with its statistics. Just wondering if you knew how I'd find this out?

I haven’t read it but I know of him.  His work has caught a lot of flak for using information that’s based on studies that are methodologically flawed. The Royal Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and of General Practitioners and the APA’s own peer-reviewed studies discredit David Reardon on his false claims.

You should check out the citations he offers in his book and see exactly what he’s referencing and if his sources are peer-reviewed and accepted by actual institutions in consensus.