david ranta

I stand by everything I did. I did my job and I would do it the same way. … I sleep well at night.
—  Retired New York City Police Detective Louis Scarcella • Speaking in regards to a 1990 case where he helped capture and convict David Ranta, a man who confessed to the murder of a rabbi in a botched robbery. However, in the 23 years since Ranta’s arrest, holes have surfaced in the case, and earlier this week, Ranta was released, complete with an apology from the judge. The release raised questions about Scarcella’s own actions, including whether he coached a witness to pick Ranta out of a lineup. The detective, who retired in 2000, defends his work. "I caught a lot of cases and I got confessions,“ he said of his work in the case. "I was called into cases that weren’t mine to speak to people. I was called in and I did my job and I got confessions.”