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Today the Department of Marvelous Makeup is enjoying the amazing cosmetic transformations of Italian makeup artist and portrait painter Lucia Pittalis. Using wigs, makeup, an array of brushes , and some times wax and collodion, she likes to turn herself into a wide variety of celebrities, actors, musicians, and fictional characters, both female and male.

Lucia, who studied the classics and art in school, makes use of her background as well as self-developed techniques to completely transform her own face. But she revealed that her most important tool is observation: “The process is studying the character – watching photos, movies, videos, and saving frames where necessary. I think how can it be adapted on my face. It is a kind of acting process before. I must be that character. Then I put on background music related to that character to be in the mood and I start to watch myself in the mirror.”

Pittalis’ most time-consuming transformation to date has been Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, which took over five hours because she created variations with and without boxing-related facial injuries:

And her favorite transformation is actress Bette Davis, because of her “deep love for such a great actress and talent.”

Head over to Lucia Pittalis’ Facebook page or Instagram feed to check out many more of her amazing makeup transformations.

[via WHUDAT and Oddity Central]

Revolution Exclusive: Jim Beaver Books Guest Spot, Reunites With Supernatural Producers

Revolution boss Eric Kripke has recruited another one of his former Supernatural colleagues. Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer on the Kripke-created CW series, will appear on Season 2…

To sum up: Jim Beaver is going to be in episode 2x05 of Revolution, entitled “One Riot, One Ranger.” It will be Ben Edlund’s first episode and, according to this article, co-written with David Rambo. 

I’d like to share an impression of Marg that comes to my mind every time I think of her: the first time I saw her with no makeup. It was 5:45AM, and she had just arrived at the studio, hair still damp from the shower. I was there to talk about a scene in that day’s work, and intercepted her on the way to the hair and makeup trailer. For a moment, I was completely thrown by how naturally beautiful she is: perfect skin, glistening eyes, no sleepiness – ready for the day and looking forward to it. She was -and is – stunning. And it’s not a trick of camera magic. It’s the real girl.

David Rambo (writer and producer) about Marg Helgenberger

(x) Episode 2.05 (“One Riot, One Ranger”) was written by David Rambo and Ben Edlund. Rambo previously wrote 1.06 (“Sex and Drugs”), 1.08 (“Ties That Bind”, with Melissa Glenn), 1.12 (“Ghosts”, with Melissa Glenn), 1.15 (“Home”), 1.19 (“Children of Men”, with Jim Barnes), and 2.03 (“Love Story”.) This was Edlund’s first Revolution writing credit.