david plell

Raking Up
David Plell
Raking Up

David Plell, (Pullman, WA):

I chose three hand positions to cycle through and recorded once through without a specific plan or lyrics, then I took that first recording and picked a section that I thought I could use and added onto it one additional guitar track and some vocal sense-making.


I saw your letter posted on the sink I 
know what you’re thinking without 
reading the words
And im stuck in a little hole I pushed out

You turned off your phone, how am I supposed to get a hold of you when you’re so standoffish? I would n(banana)ever take my batteries out! It’s a message to you that I care what you have to say. Don’t you go away.
Keep yourself a little cleaner, keep our house 
like you would someone who cares.

I’ve been on the ground so long
[raking up every single vegetable from the garden]
Listen to all of the words that your roommates are telling you