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Fanfic- Only Beginning: Part 1/1

Title: Only Beginning

Author: Steph aka CaptainSwanLuver
Rating: G
Pairing: Killian/Emma
Characters: Killian, Emma, Henry, David, Mary Margaret
Category: Romance/Drama
Disclaimer: I do this out of a love for this couple. No infringement is intended.
Spoilers: Inspired by BTS photos from the finale.  Yes, that kiss!

Summary:  Killian proposes to Emma, but his fear of not being deserving of her, causes the proposal to take an unexpected turn.

Note:  So this was inspired by the BTS photos of that kiss from the finale that we were all freaking out about and are anxiously awaiting.  This is my take on it.  I felt like if it is a proposal then it must have happened before the kiss, so this is my idea of how it could go.  Hope you enjoy it! ~Steph

…Only Beginning: Part 1/1…

Killian Jones was a confident man. He knew he was handsome, charming, and smart. He also knew he could navigate the seas like no other and had sword fighting skills that could rival the best of them. But when it came to matters of the heart he was decidedly less confident.

Emma was an amazing woman and he constantly fought the demons in his head that said he didn’t deserve her. He had done terrible things in his life, but he had tried to change for the better. Killian had tried to be a man deserving of Emma. But then he had become the Dark One. The swiftness with which he had let the darkness consume him frightened him. He was ashamed of the things he had done, the things he had said to her.

It was Emma and Liam who helped him see that he should forgive himself.  But that wouldn’t happen overnight.  Even so, he now believed he deserved a future with Emma and he hoped he could give her the life she deserved.

They had been home one week when Killian made the decision to propose to Emma. They were currently experiencing a few moments of peace that he was positive would end soon and he didn’t want to miss his opportunity. 

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This was inspired by this post. I blame @itwastruelove for encouraging me. :D It’s kind of corny, but I love corny, and would kill to see some Captain Swan corniness. 

Post Underworld. David is dropping Henry off at Emma and Hook’s house when he hears some interesting noises coming from inside. When he walks in, he sees something he’ll never forget.

David pulls up in front of Emma and Hook’s house with Henry in his passenger seat. He checks his phone and lets out a sigh. He sent them both a text, and tried calling, twice, to let them know they were on the way, but neither of them answered.

The way the two were giggling in hushed tones earlier gives him a hint as to why they wouldn’t be answering their phones, but he hoped they would at least check them so they wouldn’t be caught in an awkward situation.

He walks around the truck just in time for Henry to hop out and stops him.

“Why don’t you let me go make sure everything’s… okay before you come in?”

Henry’s brow goes together in confusion. “Why wouldn’t it be okay?”

David sighs and rubs the back of his neck. He doesn’t want to have to tell his grandson that his mother and her boyfriend are most likely…

Nope, doesn’t want to tell him that because he doesn’t even want to think it himself.

“Just… wait here.”

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