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Rothstein Books

Just got through reading David Pietrusza’s Rothstein book. I really enjoyed it, save for the occasional prolonged tangents the author would go off on about people/ subjects only moderately related to AR. I most enjoyed the bits that gave insight into his personal life and character and, unfortunately, I felt those were rather lacking. I understand, also, just from following a ton of knowledgeable Rothstein fans, that he was rather an enigma, and though a lot of people knew him, very few people actually KNEW him. That comes through very clear in the book. Still, I find myself going through a mild period of obsession at the moment, and the Pietrusza book has not sufficiently satisfied my Rothstein craving. Has anyone read the Leo Katcher Big Bankroll book? I am thinking of picking it up, and I am wondering how it compares to the Pietrusza book. Anyone?

David Pietrusza, Rothstein: The Life, Time, and Murder of the Criminal Genius Who Fixed the 1919 World Series

jfc Arnold stop exuding.