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The Jazz House Swing
Ray Basa Choreography

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This is simultaneously the saddest and most hilarious losing face we’ve ever seen.


March 24, 2013

March 19-24 was Canadian Music Week. The first of three CMW shows I went to this year was CHVRCHES with openers DIANA at the Mod Club on Wednesday the 20th.

I was looking forward to seeing Toronto’s DIANA for the second time since discovering them at Long Winter Vol. 1 in November. Their performance was even better than the previous. I’m sure being familiar with their songs this time had a little to do with it. You can see a video I took at this show of them playing New House on my youtube page. Check out DIANA’s SoundCloud for more music.

I was also really looking forward to seeing the first Canadian performance by Glasgow, Scotland’s CHVRCHES. I only recently discovered them. Their song Lies is one of those songs that I instantly fell in love with on such a great level. You can see a video I took at this show of them play Lies on my youtube channel. Check out CHVRCHES’ SoundCloud for more music.

Having these two bands on the same show made for a perfect night. Thank you CMW!