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Humans are Weird: Memory and Grudges

So, Humans have this thing with keeping grudges and remembering every single wrong thing someone has done to them. And like, everyone deals with them differently. We have the petty people

Glock’norga: Human Anita can you help me?

Anita: Nope

Glock’norga: Why?

Anita:  You remember 10 months when you smacked me in the face with your tentacle and never apologized?

Glock’norga: Im sorry!

Anita: Its too late to apologize.

Glock’Norga: It was an accident though!

Anita: Well Im gonna accidentally not help you, bye.

We have the ones who actively seek revenge. And make sure the revenge is worse than whatever happened.

Jaliack: *Steps on a lego with a tack in it* Ow!

David: Ha! Thats what you get!

Jaliack: You put this here?!

David: Duh.

Jaliack: Why!?

David: A few days ago, you got peanutbutter in my hair.

Jaliack: I apologized! ANd you didnt get hurt!

David: You didnt sound like you meant it and I spent 3 hours getting it all out my hair! I told you I’d get you back!

And then youve got the people who’ll just take your apology.

K’lanack’ac: *Spills water on Jess* Oh no! Im so sorry!

Jess: Oh its fine.

K’lanack’ac: But it got in your hair!

Jess: Its cool dude.

K’lanack’ac: Ive just…. heard from the others that Humans can be a bit… mean when something bad happens to them.

Jess: Ohhhhhh youre talking about Anita and David? *Laughs a bit* They just hold grudges but I dont

K’lanack’ac: So… you wont ignore me when I need help, and you wont play a very mean prank on me?

Jess: Nah

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AU: Barry gets adopted by Singh instead of Joe

I could write this one out I love it so much.

1. David never really planned on having kids, maybe someday if his partner wanted one and they could save up money to adopt. He really only put his name forward to foster Barry Allen because Joe was his friend. He never expected to get accepted to be the legal guardian of an eleven year old.

2. A single gay man on the political rise in CCPD suddenly being approved to foster an 11yo boy when Joe West had been rejected reeked of pulled strings. Someone wanted David to owe them a favor and he kept waiting for them to collect; for whoever his mysterious benefactor was to make all kinds of awful insinuations about why David really wanted Barry as thinly veiled threats. No one ever did.

3. David knows what it’s like to be angry and scared and so betrayed the the system that’s supposed to protect you. He grew up during the AIDS crisis, didn’t come officially out until his twenties when he couldn’t take being a coward anymore. He never sugarcoats how rigged and unfair and even malevolent the justice system could be. Henry Allen was convicted of Nora Allen’s murder because easiest, simplest explanation for the tragedy, not because it was the right one. So he teaches Barry how to take that fear and anger and turn it into a force of good. David can tell already given enough time, enough capability, Barry would force the world to change for the better.

4. Barry may not be of his flesh and blood but David comes to love Barry as a son. He will never replace Henry Allen and he doesn’t want to. Still, the day Barry calls him Dad instead of David is one he will never forget.

5. Thanks to David, Barry has a comprehensive understanding of secrets. Of why hiding’s one identity is so important and something to be respected. But secrets are easier to carry once you share them and Barry’s always trusted those he counts as friends and family with his secrets. Maybe that’s why he’s so bad at keeping the fact he’s the Flash a secret but so good at never revealing anyone else.

6. When David said he would accept whoever Barry decided to be he meant something normal like being bisexual or deciding to become a politician. Not a damn superhero.

7. David pushes Wells to go public about metahumans because “the law can’t protect what it doesn’t know exists”. Keeping metahumans secrets is only bound to give the whole minority a bad criminal reputation and he will not be a part of that.

8. Something about Barry attracts father figures to him. David would be more concerned if Barry still wasn’t constantly making heart eyes at Iris West.

9. He’s concerned anyways when Leonard Snart, of all people, becomes one of Barry Allen’s many father figures. More so when the man flirts with him.

10. David always expected Barry would date a cop although he thought said cop would be Iris West. Not a glowing green space cop.


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Summary: It’s David who convinces Max to go to college, and David who is there to see Max’s hard work pay off.

For the prompt: Max goes to Camp Campbell every summer and he thinks he’s not going to do anything with his life but David convinces him to go to college and then at graduation Max thinks no one is going to come but then he sees David in the audience.

Although it’s been seven years since he started coming to Camp Campbell, Max hasn’t changed all that much. He’s taller, sure, but he isn’t as tall as David, and has evidently began to shave at some point during the year because he has a faint stubble that definitely wasn’t there the previous year. It’s been a weird and unique experience getting to see Max grow up. The majority of the kids only stay for one summer, but every year since he was nine, Max has been there.

Every year, it’s taken David a little bit of time to break through Max’s hard exterior, caused by the fact his parents have never tried to care. This year was no different, but it had only taken him a couple of days this time around.

The last day of camp, David finds him at the lake. It’s where he typically goes, after all the other kids have left. Inevitably, David will be the one who has to take him home. He’ll have to plaster a smile on his face as he faces Max’s parents and pretends it’s okay that they didn’t show up to get Max again.

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“There’s no way you’re telling me that thing back there is from earth!”

-Eight Legged Freaks (2002)


I don’t know if I want to do this alone. I don’t even know if I can.

Issues- Part Thirty Three


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- of course, violent and suggestion of rape, death. 

Word count- 1,445

Please read previous parts-HERE

Part Thirty Three

It was silent in the dull grey corridor as I slowly followed a man I knew instantly was David now that I could see him from head to toe. I had always had a bad feeling around him.

There was just something so, so creepy about his whole persona.  

Suddenly his pace slowed before stopping fully so I instantly hide behind the corner we had just turned. I could still slightly hear Negans booming voice in the background. That made me feel a little safer. Knowing that he was still close to me. 

Risking to look around the corner again I could see that he was now bent down, almost onto his knees. 


Was he undoing one of the vents?

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Madancy Movie Night 2: The Reckoning

Egged on by precisely no one, @avidreadr2004 and I consigned ourselves to the lot of the eternally traumatised and tormented.  On Wednesday night, armed with tea, ginger ale, and what I’m told is quite good vodka, we watched Basic Instinct 2.

We barely escaped with our lives.

As it turns out, if you want to venture into Hell, using the buddy system is a quite good tactic.

Highlight reel below the cut:

(NOTE:  It is long.  Very long.  Because this film is so terrible that the only way I could cope was by continually typing out sarcastic comments of decreasing coherence and increasing capitalisation.  On the other hand, ow, my fingers.)

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Killian Jones and The Girl Who Lived 6/8

Ahhhh….we’re in the home stretch! I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far. I love hearing from all of you… A great big thank you to @icecubelotr44​ for being such an awesome beta. Also a shout out to @prongsie​ and @jemmingart​ for being such great artists and cheerleaders. I’ve loved getting to see what their brains come up with to complement my crazy, little story.

As usual, this chapter is up on FF.net and Ao3 if those are your preferred platforms. 

Word Count: 5.2k

Rating: G

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Chapter Six: Nicholas Flamel

“You’re sure?” Mary Margaret asked.

The Great Hall bustled with activity as students slid into their places at the tables. Every now and then, the vocal exuberance of a reunion would punctuate the air. Students had been arriving at Hogwarts all day, most of them glad to see friends and excited for the second half of term.

Mary Margaret leaned over the table, her hand practically in the middle of a bowl of pudding as she quizzed the three of them.

Emma sighed, exchanging a long-suffering glance with David. “Is it possible to transfigure yourself into someone else?”

“That’s not transfiguration,” Killian supplied around a mouthful of biscuit—the kind that had rarely crossed the threshold back home, with decadent icing and sprinkles.

David squinted at Mary Margaret. “Are you positive about that? Because Mary Margaret sort of sounds like McGonagall on pop quiz day.”

“I just want to know if you found anything,” Mary Margaret said. She sat back with a huff, not even muttering as Killian reached for another treat.

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Camp Camp Bad Ending Kool Aid AU part one The Beginning

Bam! David carelessly threw the door open, Max swiftly rotated his head from the boring window and notices David standing in the front of the door. Max  shifted his view up and down of David. David was an absolute wreak from the pointy floof of his red hair to his brown boots covered in icky sticky mud.

While he staggered to his feet attempting to remain in balance,David didn’t seem to notice that Max was there at all. David just stared blankly at the wall as if it seemed interesting to him all of a sudden like a mindless zombie.

Rolling his eyes, Max strolled over in front of David and made a noise with his fingers,Snap, hoping that caught David’s attention but apparently it didn’t. Max’s eyes roamed over the furnished room to see what he could make a ruckus with then Max’s eyes widen with a malicious smirk “Ah ha! bingo.”

Slowly walking with one stomp at a time, Max managed to get over to the kitchen.Being over in the kitchen, Max was stepping on the floorboards to get close to the counter.Which the floorboards were loose enough to made squeaking sounds.Surprisingly, David didn’t budge an inch from his spot.

Which was weird considering he would usually inform Max to always be cautious about the floorboards breaking when Max was in the kitchen.David didn’t say anything well he did arrived late and tracked mud inside the mini house, which was annoying for Max considering when David was with the new campers, Max would sometimes clean the floor and there goes Max’s time wasted.

Grabbing the closest wooden chair, Max put his worn tight shoes on top of the wooden chair.Catching himself a bit unbalanced, Max shouts "Hey, hey, hey!” The chair was titling left then right then left.

Max yanks at the hard plates on top of the glistening counter hoping he wouldn’t descend with the trembling chair.

THUMP, David’s eyes were forcefully pulled aside from looking at the wall as he started to take in the view around the room, ‘when did I get here?’ David pondered as a groan escaped Max’s mouth “ow.”

David realized he should know if Max was okay but he didn’t know Max was, David did hear shouting but he thought he was still at camp with the new campers.It shouldn’t matter as long as David knew where Max was, David inquired "Hey, Max can you tell me where you are and are you okay?”

Having to hear David’s voice from the living room, Max barked “it shouldn’t have taken me to fall to take your attention dumbass, I’m in the kitchen!”

David dashed as soon as he could inside the kitchen and saw Max on the floor with bits and pieces of shattered plates along with a wooden chair fallen over, David’s gaze soften “oh Max, you can tell me what happen later.”

Growing frustrated, Max glared at David and David was taken back with this glare ever since David adopted Max, Max would still be grumpy but David figured out Max’s emotions which was that certain grumpy faces meant that Max was glad or afraid but this glare meant that he was furious with David but Max would usually understand that David meant no harm so David was shocked.

Helping Max was always an opportunity that David could take later, David ignored the burning glare and helped Max to stand up then motioned Max to go to the living room. Max looked at David with narrow eyes and scowled but quickly left the kitchen to head for the living room.Sighing David seized the broom and swept the shards of the plates to the dustpan then placed the shards in the garbage bin.

After cleaning he needed to check if Max was bruised from the sharp shards of the plates.Even if Max broke the plates on purpose, David wasn’t furious or the type to discipline kids so Max wouldn’t even get punishment.

‘Max only knocked down a chair and plates it wasn’t much compared to other things he has done besides Max wouldn’t do anything without a good purpose maybe he shouldn’t have send him to the living room without asking Max what he was doing because it seemed that Max didn’t mean to make the mess’, David mumbles “I might have messed up.”

Turning the chair over was the last thing David had to do and it was complete now all he had to do was talk with Max about what had happen. David didn’t exactly remember getting inside the house or even being close to the house which made him puzzled on how he got there, the last thing he remembered was being at camp being dripping wet from the heavy pouring rain and leading the campers inside the cabin then he blinked and he was here at least Max was in the house and not somewhere else. 

Walking to the living room, David spotted Max sitting on the soft squishy couch and Max had his arm crossed over one on the other with the same old grumpy expression on his face.

Sitting next to Max,David was checking for any wounds on Max’s body,they both stayed silent for a while until Max sneered and hissed

“you didn’t even know what I was attempting to do.”

David flinched and looked back at Max in concern "First I had to clean the shards of the plates and now I’m here to listen.”

Then Max clenched his fists and was gnashing his teeth "Stop trying to act like a parent when you don’t care.”

Flabbergasted at Max saying that, David carefully spoke while looking Max straight in Max’s eyes in a serious tone "Why wouldn’t I care, Max?”

Moving his eyes to the side, Max responded “you send me here immediately assumed what I was attempting to do was horrible, all I did was break plates and you don’t even know what I was trying to do.”

Calmly David spoke softly in a understanding voice “Max, I’m sorry it isn’t like that, I just was focused on getting rid of the shards first so you wouldn’t get injured, I care for you so so much and I’m here to listen to what you have to say because you usually have valued reasons, so could you please tell me what happened?”

David didn’t understand why Max would bring this subject up again all abruptly but David knew what Max needed was to be reassure because even after adopting Max it wouldn’t surprise David if Max still has doubts about David wanting Max around.

Looking as if Max was considering to inform David or not, he finally replied “Fine then lets talk about what was that earlier at the door.”

Tilting his head slightly, David seemed to be an a daze about what Max told him “huh?”

Raising one of his eyebrow, Max spoke “don’t be dumb, David.”

Overall if David thought it was funny to joke about him not being in front of the door Max didn’t find it very hilarious.

Taking a glance at the door, David had a puzzle expression “No I really don’t understand what you mean by earlier at the door.”

Thinking that David was still joking around,Max humored him and bluntly responded ”Remember you arrived at the door and just stared at the wall completely ignoring me.“

Seeming to be shocked at hearing this, David requested “When did I arrived at the door?”

Groaning and grumbled “David you arrived at the door just a few minutes ago so I went into the trouble into snapping you out of it by stepping on the floorboards and standing on the chair to drag something.”

Already David was worried for Max when he said that and blurted out “So that is what you were doing but its dangerous if you do that don’t do it again, Max you’re going to get hurt.”

deliberately, Max mentioned ”Well you certainly thought staring at the wall was more important.“

Feeling slightly guilty David started "Max I didn’t mea-”  

Making a talking motion with his hand, Max ranted “yeah, yeah save your excuses for later.”

Quietly David whispered “I really thought I was at camp”

Taking a look back at David with serious eyes, Max grumbled “What do you mean you thought you were in camp, you were clearly here David.”

Seeing Max concerned made David try to leave the subject “I guess, I was out of my mind.”

Staring at David, Max asked “wait..David what do you mean by that?”

There was silence and Max looking horrified then changed back to his regular face, ‘David was only spacing out it was only that and nothing else’ Max reminded himself

Giving a little nudge to David, Max asked with concerned eyes “Hey, I’m not the only one that matters here idiot, are you okay?”

Snapping out of it, David responds"Yea..I need to make the new campers happy and it matters so much to me that I must of been spacing out, I’m sorry to concern you Max.“ David says with a sorrowful smile and

Max mumbled "Making me ask of you are is really cruel David and just don’t space out here because you don’t need to make me happy when I’m already….happy.”

Not believing his ears, David had a gigantic smile on his face “hmm what was that.”

Max mumbles even lower “I said I’m already…”

Smirking of joy, David asks again “I couldn’t quiet hear that max”

Max growled at David and yelled “FUCK OFF, you heard me!”

Really content, David cheered ”Maybe I did..I’m so glad you feel joy

David slowly brings Max closer and wraps his arms around Max

Then Max embraces David and whispers "You better improve,idiot.”

David gleams and hugs Max tighter then mumbles “I promise”.


I didn’t make this Au it was made from fantasykid and me also the idea of the Bad ending came from Jocazzi 

I got helped from grammer and writing by PerpetualExistance