david o'doherty is looking up

Perfect start to the Sydney Comedy Festival!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012: Mark Watson.

Brilliant, brilliant show! 6th year in a row seeing Mark live!

Surprise Watson before the show, box, zoo, Blackmore, carrot, Goddard, box again - just the best! So much laughter and smiling!

Always having the privilege of speaking with Mark after the show is so fantastic. His Tumblr blog fascinated about and admired, TYSIC update, photos: bliss.

Oh and you know:

“Is your username partialtojam? I should be following you." 

And a bonus Tom Ballard! 

He’s so confident when he speaks!

Friday, 27 April 2012: Mark Watson and David O'Doherty.

Comedy double-header! Having been given tickets to DO’D, I messaged Mark to ask if we could see his show again as he was on just before DO’D, and:

Day freaking made! #perksofbeingfriendswithcomedians

Mark’s show was once again packed with a full theatre and absolutely hilarious! :D

I forgot about the obligatory sign photo on Wednesday, so of course it had to be done Friday. 

DO’D - musical whimsy at it’s best! Permanent smile on the face. But how sad did you feel for him during the show! I just wanted to hug him!

Post-show quick chat: the loveliest person ever and hug goal achieved.

"I was going for a Titanic stare off in the distance.” - DO’D

Good times!