david o'dell

This is an emotional piece. I was trying to tell a little bit of David’s story, so I wrote a ‘poem’ of sorts from his perspective.
At night, when I look up at the moon
I think of you
And I cry
I remember that I loved you
And you gave your heart for two
I remember the day I left
The day I realised
You never loved me in the first place

I look at the stars 
And wonder where you are
Part of me hopes you are well
The other hopes you live through hell

Part of me wants you to know
How I died that day
How you killed the man I was

Part of me wants to show
How much I’ve grown
So you can see the man I am

I never want you back
I don’t need that life
I want you too see
That you changed me

That terrible thing
On that terrible day
Ended my life
So someone else could save it

I want you to know
I don’t need you
I don’t miss you
I don’t regret you
I don’t love you

I’m better off because of you
And only on nights
When the moon is bright
Do I ever think of you