I can’t decide which of these men is the most handsome...

Josh Dallas

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Jamie Dornan

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Eion Bailey

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Colin O’Donoghue

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Sean Maguire

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Thank you all so much for your participation in voting! There were a couple of that were really close! I’ve changed the week to August 9 - August 16, because of a conflict with Regina Appreciation week, and we all love Regina, so I didn’t want to overlap those that might want to do both. Also, because of confusion between a couple of the prompts, I combined a couple into Day One, and you can choose of those which you want to do!

Feel free to write fics, make edits/manips/videos, make playlists or anything you can think of that would work to show appreciation for this lovely pairing! I will be tracking the tag #ecweek 

Please do not post your take on the prompts before the day of, but feel free to start working on them now! 

After much wait, here you are! The italicized text is there to help you come up with ideas, though each prompt is up to your interpretation!

Day One: Pre-curse Enchanted Forest - Prince Charming and the Evil Queen/Shepherd David and Young Regina/Huntsman David and Bandit Regina OR Canon/AU Merge - Shepherd David and Bandit Regina/Huntsman Charming and the Evil Queen 

Day Two: David didn’t leave after Regina made dinner - He stayed after she made him lasagna

Day Three: Trapped/Lost - David and Regina get trapped or lost somewhere together

Day Four: Missing Year - Takes place during the missing year in the Enchanted Forest

Day Five: Role Reversal - Evil King and Shepherd Regina

Day Six: Sleeping Curse - One of them goes under a sleeping curse

Day Seven: Snow’s heart didn’t save Charming canon divergence 

Day Eight: Choose any of the prompts that didn’t make the list. Free Day!

Feel free to message with any questions!