david newby

anonymous asked:

Do you think them promoting Rene and Dinah to series regulars is going to make Felicity and Diggle go more to the background and Rene and Dinah are going to become more important? They have to many series regulars going into next year. They have to push some of them to the background and I think what happened to Willa with only having 14 episodes this season will happen to Emily and David.

No. I feel like Arrow has done a MUCH better job handling the newbies in 5B. They feel like supporting characters, while Diggle and Felicity have returned more to the spotlight. In fairness, the heavy focus on the newbies in 5A was somewhat necessary I think. They had to set them up and allow the audience to get to know them. Now that we do they can settle into B storylines. I just think it was too many all at once. Also, introducing that many characters when Olicity is on the outs and Diggle is benched will never go over well. 

Emily and David are full time series regulars. They do not have shortened contracts like Willa. I believe Willa’s contract was mutually agreed upon by her and the producers, but don’t quote me on that.