david nebert


These are some of the jewelry items I currently offer :)  I’ll post more within the month as they’re completed.  I also have a very exciting concept to share once I figure out a few kinks!

a. wire-wrapped sea glass with a light electroplating.

b. indicator light bulb wire-wrapped, electroplated, filled with small fossils.

c. blown glass bead wire-wrapped, electroplated, use of instrument string.

d. indicator light bulb with living succulent, “living jewelry” line.

e. live oak acorns.

My first trial with my semi-newly acquired rock tumbler.  

I wasn’t expecting the rock tumbler motor’s drive gear would wear off.  I was hoping more for the contents of the barrel to meet such a fate, as would be expected of a rock tumbler.

I suppose I should possibly have anticipated this result with a 40yr old rock tumbler with plastic drive gears.

It provides me an excuse to make my own though…

(anyone else have trouble typing the word “tumbler” properly after having used Tumblr a considerable amount?)