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Gaspard Augé / Xavier de Rosnay from Jus†ice | 66 Second Interviews

이러니까 니들이 게이에요 안 게이에요.
오빠들 나 좀 그만 죽여요 나 이제 절규할 힘도 ㅇ벗어

Do the D-A-N-C-E 👏💃 1-2-3-4 fight 💢👊 Stick to the B-E-A-T 🎶 🎧 get ready to ignite 🔥🔥 You were such a P-Y-T 💖💄 catching all the lights 🎇✨ Just easy as A-B-C ✔️✔️ that's how you make it right 👌👌

the way you move is a mystery 👀 👀

Fluid inclusion.

This jagged edged hollow in a blue topaz magnified 18x is filled with liquid and a bubble of gas. The compositions of such inclusions, which often preserve traces of the mother ichor from which the crystal grew, can tell us alot about the geological conditions in which they were formed. They are common in many minerals, including quartz and emeralds.


Image credit: David A. Smith.

The signs as memes you would like to fight

Aries: mmm whatcha say
Taurus: minions
Gemini: your sign is irrelevant bc you’re a gemini (but u would fight the breadstick meme)
Cancer: u sick bastard u actually enjoy memes
Leo: Left Shark
Virgo: Pepe
Libra: the sneme (snail meme)
Scorpio: the meme where two memes are combined to create a monster meme
Sagittarius: doge
Capricorn: u are willing to take down any and every meme
Aquarius: crave that mineral
Pisces: David Karp’s left sock

rcknrbyn replied to your photo:hello attractive beardy fellow with impeccable…

I think he’s petitioning to be part of Gold Rush

He’s rather dapper to be a miner.

Maybe David Giuntoli?

Ben Dalhaus?

My lovely Niko Ohlsson?

This dude? Who I have no idea who he is but is also highly attractive and I love his gorgeous brown eyes.

I think this random dude also would like to be included.

I think this guy’s name is Calle Strand. I think he would like to stake a claim as well.

Yes, apparently he does because he’s already started a fire and is making supper.

And I think we definitely need some Rick Mora.

Executive producer Michael Schur, actor Andy Samberg, executive producer Daniel J. Goor, Joe Lo Truglio, Melissa Fumero, Andre Braugher, Chelsea Peretti, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz and executive producer David Miner, winners of Best Musical or Comedy Series for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ pose for a portrait during the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards