david meets world

  • Davey: Can you two stop fighting?
  • Katherine: We're not fighting. We're having a creative discussion.
  • Jack: We are to fighting!
  • Katherine: Creative discussion.
  • Jack: Fight!
  • Katherine: Discussion!
  • Davey: I can't believe you two are having fight about whether or not you're in a fight.

Fancast for “Bright Lights, Dark Nights” by Stephen Emond @stephenemond

David Mazouz as Walter
Riele Downs as Naomi
Joey King as Kate
Lucas Jade Zumman as Nate
Amir Mitchell as Jason

Walter Wilcox has never been in love. That is, until he meets Naomi, and sparks, and clever jokes, fly. But when his cop dad is caught in a racial profiling scandal, Walter and Naomi, who is African American, are called out at school, home, and online. Can their bond (and mutual love of the Foo Fighters) keep them together?

  • Davey: How could you possibly get into this much trouble in one day?
  • Jack: It didn’t take me the whole day.
When Riley and Maya decide to send Lucas back in time [what really happens in Bay Window] spoiler alert

Riley: let’s send Lucas back in time to meet our younger selves, what do you think Peaches?

Maya: yes let’s do it!

Lucas: oh dear god, help me

the Doctor: ….

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Join us next week for BBC’s Doctor Who

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