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Our debut music video for The Good In Me.

2011 Photo Round-Up!

I’m currently on the bus travelling up to Dundee to spend time with Rebecca for New Year’s. Her mum and dad invited me up for 4 days, so I was delighted to be able to get the time off work and take them up on their offer.

Just like last year, I’ve decided to do a round-up of what I consider as my 12 best photos from the whole year, one for every month. Again, I’ve grown so much this year in terms of my skill-set, but also with regards to my business strategy. I’ve upgraded my kit and discovered that I would be grateful if I could do this for the rest of my life.

Anyway, on with the photos!


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This was a great wee shoot with the band from Paisley who have went from strength to strength throughout the year. Having played T In The Park and toured extensively this year, I can only hope to work with them in 2012 to further their career. Great guys.


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Ah my boys… this was my second shoot with To Kill Achilles. This time around I had more experience and knew what I was doing with my camera in regards to lighting and composition. This is before Mark Tindal had rejoined the band and the guys were gaining a larger fanbase due to their first video for “Confessions”. It’s amazing to think what they have achieved in such a short space of time.


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More of my family back in Dundee. Ben Hain (the large gentleman in the vest) and I became good friends early in the year and he had just started out with his band Wolves Descend. Unfortunately, they are no longer together, but Ben has formed a new band Drawn to Ruin (silver lining!).

Another great shoot. This one involved the police getting involved when we decided to create a molotov cocktail out of a can of energy juice and lighter fluid. I had an idea, it didn’t work out…


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One a whim, one of my oldest internet friends, Ciaran from Colorado, decided to book a flight to Scotland to come see me. We hadn’t been in the same country for over 8 years, so you can imagine who much it meant to me when she flew over for no reason other than so we could get to know one another. It was a very short week, but it was amazing spending time with someone from what can only be described as my childhood.


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These animated young chaps took me to an abandoned factory in Kirkcaldy in Fife to get their promos. I had just bought the super-wide Sigma 10-20mm lens and couldn’t wait to give it a test drive. This is my favourite from our shoot, however it took a bit of arm-twisting to get all the guys into this tiny, dark, dirty pit. Good shot though! Glad it wasn’t me…


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Meet my girlfriend, Rebecca (again…). This was taken on my Zenit EM Ilford 400 in Westhall terrace where Rebecca lives.

I had been single for about a year before I met Rebecca. We had known of each other through the Dundee scene and eventually our paths crossed on a few nights out and gigs. We started talking more and more and I jumped at the chance to take her on our first date. And we’ve never looked back…


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One of my closest friends (Ross Alexander) and I stormed our way through the summer shooting 5 weddings in total. It was our first season shooting together and we intend on doing the same thing this year. It was great fun and, if I’m honest, very trying on our relationship. I am glad that we got through it and both want to do it again in 2012.


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I was hired to shoot Mr and Mrs McKinlay’s wedding in Edinburgh overlooking the Forth Road Rail Bridge - the setting was absolutely brilliant and we got some great beach shots. The couple weren’t up for posing much, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I got to capture them just talking and being themselves after getting married; I got to photograph pure joy with no poses or forced smiles.


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Another shot of Rebecca from the very start of September. No story, just a really great day and a lovely girl lying on my bed being herself.


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October was great for me. I had just bought my new camera and fallen in love with photography all over again. I had been using a Canon 30D for three years and upgraded to a Canon 5d MKII. I find myself taking it everywhere I go and seeing every little moment as a photograph to be captured.

This is my little sister Louise on Hallowe'en. She was quite unimaginative and went out as a nerd.


It was quite hard picking which photo to put in for November; like I said, I was taking photos all the time.

This s quite a meticulously edited photo of my brother, Paul. I wanted to do something quite unflattering with regards to contours and sharpness to bring out the imperfections of his skin. I think in doing that, I’ve made it look more perfect. The exact opposite of air brushed models.


Again, I had a tough time picking which photo to add for December. I had spent every waking moment of December editing To Kill Achilles’ music video but still took many great photographs, but they really didn’t match up to wee Davy and Joycey. My grandparents celebrated their Diamond anniversary and I managed to snap a few studio shots of them before everyone got too drunk.

I’ve noticed that the last few months of my career have been rather family-oriented. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just need to get out there more and get my name everywhere. I’m going on tour with To Kill Achilles in the summer, so that should do the trick!

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy and prosperous New Year and get to spend time with you loved ones for a while longer. Thank you for following my work and being involved with my career.