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The 2015 Mets wholeheartedly earned their spot in the World Series.

David Wright earned it by believing in the team when nobody else did. He served as a role model when no other Met could. 

Daniel Murphy earned it when he played his heart out for this team for years and he finally got to show off his MVP-caliber talent in the 2015 postseason.

Matt Harvey earned it with the fire he lit in this team and the fight he instilled in the players and fans.

Wilmer Flores earned it when he left his tears on the field showing that he has the ultimate dedication to the organization.

Jacob deGrom earned it when he stepped up in 2014 and proved that rookies are the dominant future of the team.

Noah Syndergaard earned it when he wasn’t afraid to throw 100 mph at some of the best players in baseball in only his first season.

Steven Matz earned it when he made his unforgettable debut that shook up the entire feel of this season.

Lucas Duda earned it by never getting discouraged by his slumps, allowing him to channel even more power into his hot streaks.

Yoenis Cespedes earned it when he fully committed himself to the New York Mets after being traded. He provided the spark the Mets so desperately needed to succeed.

Curtis Granderson earned it when he overcame the scrutiny from Mets fans who were skeptical of an ex-Yankee. 

Every player earned it in one way or another.

Pitchers Who Rake

Bartolo Colon’s home run may be the best thing we will see until October, but you have to give credit all around the Mets pitching staff for their hitting abilities this season. As of now, they currently rank sixth in the National League in batting average and put together a five game stretch from May 7-11 where they combined to hit .400 (6-15) with two doubles, three homers and seven RBI. This is a monumental improvement from a few seasons ago when they ranked second to last in hitting in the National League (2014).

Before the season, all the talk was about how dominant this Mets pitching staff was going to be on the mound. They have not disappointed, helping the team to begin the season with a 21-12 record, third best in all of baseball. But over the last few games, we’ve all begun to realize they’re no longer an easy out at the plate. Check this out: 

May 7 - Barolo Colon Home Run

May 8 - Matt Harvey RBI double

May 8 - Steven Matz RBI double

The specific games above served as the first time since June 12-14, 1988 that the Mets had a pitcher record an extra-base hit in three straight games. The pitchers to accomplish the feat back in ‘88 were Sid Fernandez, David Cone and Bobby Ojeda.

Noah Syndergaard’s historic Wednesday night on May 11th may have been after the party was started, but he grabbed all of the spotlight with two 400-foot plus homers against the Dodgers in a 4-3 win.

May 11 - Syndergaard two home runs

There is no doubt this pitching staff will achieve some remarkable things this season, but who knew it would also be with the bats.

So I was at the game tonight and I sat right next to the dugout, and I just wanted to list a few positives that came out of it for any Mets fans that are currently suffering:

1. When Cabrera hit that home run, everyone in the dugout lost their freaking minds. Don’t tell me this team doesn’t care!!! They care A LOT!

2. Neil sat right behind Jake and David and talked to them for about an hour and I really just know that they were having a heart to heart about how much they’re going to miss each other (do not fight me on this)

3. Wherever Jake is, David is. Wherever David is, Jake is.

4. Wilmer Flores just blows bubbles with his gum literally the entire time. I know they show it a lot on the broadcast, but it is LITERALLY the entire time. Bless him

5. The New York Mets all love each other so much and my heart is aching because I’m not a member of the squad

6. They lost but I love them

7. Also, Steven put something in Jakes hood and Jake was trying to get it out for a solid 15 minutes. When he got it out, Steven put something right back into it and held it closed so that Jake couldn’t take it out. This went on for another 15 minutes

Top GIFs of 2015

It was a memorable 2015 season filled with countless exciting moments. Throughout the year we collected dozens of GIFs and we are ready to share some of our favorites with you. Take a look:

Bartolo speed demon! The pitcher shows off his wheels in a game against Philly.

The Dark Knight Rises! Matt Harvey was fired up after he got a out to end an inning early in the year.

0 to 100 real quick! Don’t blink, that’s what a 100 MPH heater looks like.

Rally cups! Dilson Herrera’s creation ended up working in a comeback against Atlanta.

The man, the myth, the legend! Steven Matz’s grandfather gives us a moment we will never forget during his grandson’s ML debut.

Rally parakeet! Yoenis Cespedes had something in common with our avian friend.

The heart and soul! The Captain delivers an iconic moment with his fist pump in D.C.

Familia time! The closer is fired up after delivering a save against Washington.

Dilson gets Lagares to buy into the power of the rally cups. 

Skipper Terry Collins shares some champagne with the fans after we clinched the N.L. East.

Moves for days! Tyler Clippard gets in the groove after clinching the N.L. East.

It’s a celebration! The team reacts moments after clinching the division.

Locker room celebration! 

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David Matz – SYTYCD Season 9 L.A. Auditions

Skip to 1:49, and just enjoy. So beautiful.