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okay Pristin sounds cool and they even have their own meaning! 

Flash black to Seventeen. Pledis were like 

“okay we have bunch of kids here.. how many do we have here?” “17 sir”  “right, what should we call them?” “…Seventeen… sir?” “Brilliant! Seventeen it is!” 

Few years later… 13 remains

 “What are we going to do with Seventeen name without changing them?! David do the math! Anything with seventeen” “13ppl+3unit+1team=17 sir” “Spectacular! Great! Seventeen and oh dont forget to give this script to Seungcheol.”

ok but-

PTA Sans befriending mothers and fathers who are nice to him and learning about new hobbies  like knitting  from them

“We still on for those knitting/cooking/language learning classes next week Susan?  Y’now  if your still interested I can ask Toriel if its ok to have a group study sessions with the kids next Friday, lord knows we need all the help we can get for math homework,David! how was your Kids wedding? all grown up now huh? Hey Hillary I need your professional opinion involving a health issue with Frisk, apparently they arnt drinking enough water but are being stubborn about drinking any, any ways I can get them hydrated?”

Sans only getting offended and angry at the parents in the pta meetings that try to tell him and his friends how to raise there kids in a rude and unhelpful manner or try and force his kid(s) into uncomfortable situations 

Sans taking naps through most meetings but immediately being awake and alert when someone trys to push a dress code or make vaccinations optional, or other things along those lines (then falling right back to sleep once he has gotten his way)

Occasionally he jokingly attempts to get snail pie as a actual dessert option in the cafeteria, less jokingly trying to convince people ketchup is a legitimate lunch 

Why I think the 13th Doctor will be announced before Series 10 airs

Let’s do some maths.

David Tennant announced he was leaving on October 29th 2008.

Matt Smith announced as the 11th Doctor on January 3rd 2009. A little over 9 weeks later.

Matt announced he was leaving on June 1st 2013.

Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor on August 4th 2013. Exactly 9 weeks later.

Peter announced he was leaving on January 30th 2017. Exactly 9 weeks from that date is April 3rd 2017. Series 10 doesn’t start till April 15th.

The pros of announcing a new Doctor before the start of a new series are pretty obvious. Interest increases, therefore, more viewers. A lot more people will want to watch Peter’s final series before the new Doctor starts. The BBC needs more viewers for the show especially due to decreasing viewership each year.

That’s my 2 cents anyway.

So much for ‘It can’t happen’

Whouffaldi has been around for a couple years, and before that it was Whouffle. And if you take the whole shebang you end up with “Cloctor” or your portmanteau of choice. And naysayers often come out with statements like “it can’t happen because the Doctor never falls in love with anyone”. Despite on-screen evidence to the contrary.

I only just tonight found out that at a Wizard World convention in March, David Tennant out right confirmed that Rose was the Doctor’s girlfriend. And you have Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman telling Wil Wheaton last summer that the Doctor and Clara didn’t want to come out and say they’re “crazy about each other” (Capaldi’s exact words), but it was still a romance. And the Doctor used “deep love” in another interview.

People still want to deny that anything existed between the Doctor - a 2000 year old character - and a 20-something schoolteacher. Yet we just got confirmation that when the Doctor was 900 years old he had 19-year-old girlfriend. Work the math people - what’s the difference? And to hell with the fact Peter Capaldi is 25 years older than Jenna Coleman: there are romances with that age gap in real life and when it comes to the Doctor, the character could be played by a 5 year old and still be infinitely older than a 90-year-old being cast as the companion.

I wish people would stop playing the “platonic” card too as if that’s some sort of disqualification for romance. Read my earlier rant about people who think sex is the only indicator of romance. To be brutally honest, the romance between the Doctor and Clara, and between the Doctor and Rose Tyler, feels more real than most televised romances where the two go to bed in every episode. And for all we know they could have been bonking up a storm between episodes. We don’t know and it’s not brought up in the episodes we do see because it’s not as important as the other aspects of their relationship. The “deep love” as Capaldi put it. Rose and Clara would take a bullet for the Doctor, and the Doctor likewise. And in many respects they did, many times.

One of the other Tumblrs (I’m sorry I’ve misplaced the name but I will reblog when I find it again) mentioned a friend who was convinced of Whouffaldi based on viewing one single scene of Last Christmas. If “drive-by viewers” get it, why don’t people who watch the thing year in and year out?

When I’m doing damn maths...

Let’s do this. Just some silly maths.

Five minutes later…

What the fuck is that?

So I have to find that stupid thing. And If I want to do that I have to do 1292198298398 calculations?

I have -. How it’s possible?

Ok, ok. Be calm.


No. I can’t

Ok, again.

This looks strange. Strange… but now it has sense.

Fianlly got the result.

and checked it with book. It’s wrong.


And it’ wrong again

And then it comes fast.

Fuck you maths.

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Friday 27/11 - 9:58 

I have the day of so I’m trying to study for my three exams next week but as you can see it’s all a bit chaotic right now… I need to organize this mess. Wish me luck! 

Btw has any of you seen Jessica Jones???? I’m so in love it’s amazingly good! I love David Tennant a bit to much…