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okay Pristin sounds cool and they even have their own meaning! 

Flash black to Seventeen. Pledis were like 

“okay we have bunch of kids here.. how many do we have here?” “17 sir”  “right, what should we call them?” “…Seventeen… sir?” “Brilliant! Seventeen it is!” 

Few years later… 13 remains

 “What are we going to do with Seventeen name without changing them?! David do the math! Anything with seventeen” “13ppl+3unit+1team=17 sir” “Spectacular! Great! Seventeen and oh dont forget to give this script to Seungcheol.”

ok but-

PTA Sans befriending mothers and fathers who are nice to him and learning about new hobbies  like knitting  from them

“We still on for those knitting/cooking/language learning classes next week Susan?  Y’now  if your still interested I can ask Toriel if its ok to have a group study sessions with the kids next Friday, lord knows we need all the help we can get for math homework,David! how was your Kids wedding? all grown up now huh? Hey Hillary I need your professional opinion involving a health issue with Frisk, apparently they arnt drinking enough water but are being stubborn about drinking any, any ways I can get them hydrated?”

Sans only getting offended and angry at the parents in the pta meetings that try to tell him and his friends how to raise there kids in a rude and unhelpful manner or try and force his kid(s) into uncomfortable situations 

Sans taking naps through most meetings but immediately being awake and alert when someone trys to push a dress code or make vaccinations optional, or other things along those lines (then falling right back to sleep once he has gotten his way)

Occasionally he jokingly attempts to get snail pie as a actual dessert option in the cafeteria, less jokingly trying to convince people ketchup is a legitimate lunch 


February 23, 2010 in Littleton, CO at Deer Creek Middle School, 32-year-old Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood opened fire from a rifle in a parking lot, and wounded two eighth-graders Reagan Webber and Matt Thieu, before being restrained by 57-year-old Math teacher, David Benke, and held until his arrest. The boy’s wounds were critical for the four days following the shooting.[388] In October 2011, Eastwood was found not guilty by reason of insanity.


Okay so I am 100% here for the old-tins-used-as-homes-for-creatures, also 104% here for tiny fur creatures being dropper fed, also about 143% here for Dave’s forearms and knees, and care 0% about bad maths

Al-Qaida spent about $500,000 executing the 9/11 terror attacks. The U.S. government has spent up to $5 trillion fighting back. One expert estimated we’re spending about $400 million per life saved.

In other words, for every dollar the bad guys spent, we lost 10 million. And that’s not even counting the money lost due to the economic slump that followed. That, friends, is one hell of a return on an investment. Also: The 9/11 attacks killed 2,996 people. The response has killed 224,475 and displaced another 7.8 million refugees….

Keep in mind, a tsunami killed a quarter-million people in 2004, and another one killed 16,000 people in 2011, but neither caused us to refer to a “post-tsunami world.” Only terrorism can utterly dominate our thinking that way.

The 6 Weirdest Things We’ve Learned Since 9/11


I’m here. I’m here for you, okay? No matter what. Because you and me? Together? Together, Clint, I think you and me are the person we both wish we could be. And I know that person… I know that person is worth something. I know that person can… can pretty much do anything.

Hawkeye #6, 9, 11, 13 by Matt Fraction and David Aja