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Agents Maine and Washington are the only ones on the Mother of Invention who know sign language. And, like, they’re ALWAYS TALKING IN IT like super long, fast conversations. Wash will be talking to Connie and simultaneously signing to Maine at the same time. Maine will laugh. (Well. Chuckle. Maine doesn’t -laugh-.)

Everyone is really fuckin curious because Maine doesn’t talk, except he and Wash have conversations that last hours and no one understands what they’re saying (except maybe Florida? But who knows with that fucker)

So, like, Maine and Wash get sent on this super long mission, like a few weeks. And York spends the entire time on the internet learning sign language. He’s determined.

Finally the pair gets back and York is ready, so fuckin ready to see -

- and Wash and Maine are signing the bee movie to each other.

(York runs crying into North’s room. North throws him a bottle of vodka and sighs.)


I just want to talk about female directors as well: Gina Prince-Bythewood, Amma Asante — we have to celebrate these women. [Selma] is about embracing the vote, utilizing the vote. Support these women, vote for them at the box office

David Oyelowo accepting the NAACP IMAGE Award for Best Actor for Selma

David Oyelowo directed by women filmography

Circles dir. Sonia Castang - 2001
Tomorrow La Scala! dir. Francesca Joseph - 2002
Shoot the Messenger dir.  Ngozi Onwurah - 2006
Rage dir. Sally Potter - 2009
96 Minutes dir. Aimee Lagos - 2011
Middle of Nowhere dir. Ava DuVernay - 2012
Selma dir. Ava DuVernay - 2014
9 Kisses dir. Elaine Constantine - 2014
Five Nights in Main dir. Maris Curran - 2015
Nina dir. Cynthia Mort - 2015
Queen of Katwe dir. Mira Nair - 2016
A United Kingdom dir. Amma Asante - 2016
August 28th: A Day In the Life of a People - Ava DuVernay - 2016
Untitled Hurricane Katrina Project dir. Ava DuVernay - ????

The Heart: Headcanon

Headcanon that in the “In a Heartbeat” universe, your heart only pops out once it has found your soulmate.
That’s why Jonathan realized what was happening when Sherwin’s heart seeked out for him.
And that’s why Sherwin was so afraid of letting his heart go after Jonathan.

Birthday Parents (4/4)

A series of drabbles based on the request: Can you write something for Gillian’s and David’s birthday with Eaden and her siblings, please? Maybe in the Vancouver house.

This is the last part of the installment. Thank you all so much for your nice words, and I really hope you enjoyed these little drabbles as much as I loved writing them. I’m so happy we can enjoy this madness together :)

Part I - Part II - Part III

Gillian’s 49th birthday was the best day in a very long time, and the first birthday Eaden would remember for the rest of her life.

Despite having done their best to hide their struggles from their little daughter, the last couple of months had been difficult in many ways, and had not failed to leave their marks on all of them, but especially on Eaden.

There had been days and nights Eaden had found her mother crying in bed or locked in the bathroom for no apparent reason other than being… incredibly sad. Weeks in which she’d slept alone in bed with her father, because Mommy was miles and miles away in London. It was safe to say that Eaden had spent the majority of the year with just one of them than with both together, and in the end, it had affected her more than David and Gillian had ever wanted.

It was only by the end of July that there finally, finally seemed to be a light at the end of the horizon again. Being only three years old, she couldn’t put it into big words, but after her parents had left her at her grandmothers house for a week before travelling to Vancouver, she was able to feel it again - the joy and happiness between them, the lightness… and a lot a lot a lot of love. Maybe it was exactly just that, and no big words were needed after all.

Gillian’s birthday was a day that started early in the morning, with Eaden sneaking into her parents’ bedroom on tiptoes way before dawn, only to find them already awake, giggling and kissing underneath the covers. Surprised by their unexpected little visitor, it took them a visit to the bathroom, a change into pyjamas, and for David a quick look at his phone to finally come back to bed and spend the next two hours cuddling and snoozing together.

Well equipped with her green little backpack, Eaden arrived on set with her nanny by noon to a red-haired Gillian and a birthday party with dozens of people celebrating both David and Gillian. A dark chocolate and a butternut cake in the shape of a guitar and lots and lots of frosting, so delicious you just needed to try both, had to be kept save from a very greedy Brick lingering around.

Dinner took place later that evening at a nice, cozy little restaurant. Eaden, always the eager little waitress, not only served Gillian’s gifts on a tray, but, with the help of Piper, also the sweetest, most intense birthday speech a three year old could possibly deliver. But nothing could’ve prepared Gillian for the words that hit her so deeply she wasn’t able to breathe for a couple of moments. Words that she would carry with her for the rest of her life.

“Mommy, you are the very most kind person I know, and you are so bwave. Piper and Daddy and me hope your pwesents make you really, really happy!”

And boy did they make her happy, because they reminded her that she was the luckiest woman on earth for having these wonderful, thoughtful human beings in her life who were loving her way farther than to the moon and back.  

Later that night, David and Gillian sat at Eaden’s bedside, caressing her face, holding her hands, and listening to her sleepy voice telling them about her exciting, wonderful day, and watching her little lips curl up into a content smile as they told her how loved she was.

They were still sitting with her when she’d already fallen asleep, both of them unable to take their eyes off their sweet little girl, whose happiness meant the world to them.

There had been times in the last couple of months when it had felt like she was the only reason they could think of that was worth fighting for. But now, as they were sitting there in silence with their fingers entwined, they knew in their hearts that there were so many more.

Why Wash, David, and Agent Washington are all acceptable names

So I’ve been waiting for this moment. For a really long time. So… prepare for a long post under the cut. (Mobile users… sorry. :( I feel your pain.)

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26-year-old David Lee Gavitt and his wife, Angela, lived in Ionia, Michigan, with their two daughters, 3-year-old Katrina and 11-month-old Tracy. On the night of 9 March, 1985, David and Angela retreated for bed after watching television. David had lit some candles as they watched television and forgot to blow them out when they went to the bedroom. This would be an accident he would live to regret for the rest of his life. A couple of hours after the young couple went to bed, they were awoken by their dog scratching at the bedroom door. When David opened it to see what he wanted, he was aghast to see that the living room was up in flames. As Angela rushed to awaken the girls, David smashed open a back window so that the family could escape. Once the window was smashed, David attempted to reach the girls but by now, the fire was raging. He was unable to force his way to their bedroom. As he called out to Angela, he heard no reply.

Neighbours who see the the flames called the fire department while David kept attempting to re-enter the house. Unfortunately, it was much too late for Angela, Katrina and Tracy. As if losing his wife and children wasn’t enough, investigators announced that they believed that the fire was started intentionally and David was the main suspect. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was charged with their murders. Investigators at the trial had contended that the fire was started with a flammable liquid due to the fact that there was so-called “pour patterns” on the floor, indicating something had been poured. Despite the fact that several witnesses saw David relentlessly attempt to rescue his family combined with the fact that there was no motivation, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1986.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the case got a second look. After learning about the inconsistencies within the case, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School decided they would re-investigate. Several experts were called in to examine the evidence found within the home. They discovered that a flashover had occurred, as opposed to a liquid being used to ignite the fire. A flashover is a rare phenomenon in which a fire explodes and completely takes over a room, engulfing it in fire almost immediately.

In June of 2012, David’s charges were dismissed and he as released from prison. He later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction. This lawsuit was dismissed.