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After the whistle ~ winning the league edition: David and Diego drag Antonio Conte out of his press conference to celebrate (look at JT’s face). Cesc and Pedro singing, Diego’s unique style of celebration to say the least, Azpi and Billy. The N’golo song, and our fantastic captains. Cannot wait for the celebrations with the trophy. 

Your Premier League champions 2016-2017: Chelsea Football Club. 

Everyone is afraid that Rihanna is going to steal their favourite player but y´all better watch out for Niall bc he is the real threat………

And look how he is flirting with Mata

What a whore……………

IG Post : Family IG ( Neymar , Zlatan , David Luiz , Thiago silva , Rafinha , Thiago Alcantara

Neymar :

neymarjr: My Baby’s Going For A Dance Lesson Sorry I Cant Be There ! @y/n

Zlatan :

iamzlatanibrahimovic: My Loves :)

David Luiz :

Davidluiz_4 : Hacked By Your Fav Girls ! follow us @y/n

Thiago Silva :

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 thiagosilva_33: Love Touching The Belly :)

Rafinha :

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Rafinhaaa93: Always Loved Never Forgotten , Rocking Forever !

Thiago Alcantara:


thiago6: Always Have Them with Me @y/n

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So… Xhaka is pretty, Giroud is in love with himself, Petr is talking too much, Rob is always dancing, even the Chelsea players describe Costa as “the crazy one” (while Conte is “crazy crazy” lol), Kante drives a Mini, Moses is The Gangsta and little Alex wants to be recognized for being the funny one lol

… also starring impeccable impressions of Gary Cahil’s moves and Arsene Wenger’s accent