david locke

Guide to famous philosophers:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aristotle:</b> the master of no shit sentences, the librarian<p/><b>Kant:</b> the one with ridiculously high standards for relationships<p/><b>Plato:</b> the one who thought he was right until right before he died, which is when he realized he was wrong (aka fuck-you-Thrasymachos)<p/><b>Nietzsche:</b> the animal lover with a really shitty sister<p/><b><b>Hume:</b> the one who disses everyone else's ideas but doesn't create his own ideas<p/><b>John Locke:</b> the fan fiction author<p/><b>Socrates:</b> the one literally too ugly to draw, also the star of Plato's oh-so-exciting dialogues<p/></p><p/></p>

Testosterone Thursday

Sam Warburton Gets The T Levels Pumping, As He Hoists Luke Charteris For The Egg. 

Nice Shot Of Luke’s Muscular Hindquarters, Too!

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  • Me: leaves bathroom door unlocked
  • Also me: gets murdered
  • Derek Morgan: the door's unlocked. Seems like she was comfortable being in the house alone.
  • Aaron Hotchner: or she was raised in a household that didn't lock doors.
  • David Rossi: or that the house didn't have locks! Reid, when were locks invented?
  • Spencer Reid: Well, the first locks were invented over six thousand years ago, but they didn't become popular in homes until 1778, when Robert Barronin started a wave of lock innovations with his double - acting tumbler lock
  • Penelope Garcia: Got it. I'll check for pre 1778 houses in the area and get back to you, my lovelies.

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Alun-Wyn Jones Led His Men To Victory!

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