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-David Bowie

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bastille does literally the best mashups and covers in the world they’re so hecking talented and here’s some proof:

no angels mashup (the xx, tlc)

drop it like it’s royal mashup (rihanna, katy perry, lorde, beyoncé, florence & the machine, snoop dogg)

final song mashup (mø, europe, graig david)

locked out of heaven mashup (bruno mars, rihanna, jay-z, kanye west, the xx)

this is what you came for mashup (calvin harris ft. rihanna, taylor swift, nancy sinatra)

we can’t stop cover (miley cyrus)

(i just) died in your arms cover (cutting crew)

dreams cover ft. gabrielle aplin (fleetwood mac)

Guide to famous philosophers:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aristotle:</b> the master of no shit sentences, the librarian<p/><b>Kant:</b> the one with ridiculously high standards for relationships<p/><b>Plato:</b> the one who thought he was right until right before he died, which is when he realized he was wrong (aka fuck-you-Thrasymachos)<p/><b>Nietzsche:</b> the animal lover with a really shitty sister<p/><b><b>Hume:</b> the one who disses everyone else's ideas but doesn't create his own ideas<p/><b>John Locke:</b> the fan fiction author<p/><b>Socrates:</b> the one literally too ugly to draw, also the star of Plato's oh-so-exciting dialogues<p/></p><p/></p>