david lihard


David Lihard (France) - Les Enfances (2010)

In David Lihard’s last series of oil on canvas, entitled “Childhoods”, young people, contemplative and busy alike, appear. Truncated, undressed or wounded, intriguing and fragile polysemous presences. They often stand out on a dark background, colorfully counterpointed by a far-reaching sky in the background. This simple and contrasted spatial structure induces other related themes, through its inmost duality: paradise and hell, light and darkness, birth and burying… The landscapes are caskets that reveal bodies. They are devised as sceneries where airshafts, explosions, holes, puddles, neglected houses coexist… As many “elementary obsessional signs” that can become symbols of life and death in these extents bathed in silence:

“My work is the result of interdisciplinary research. I am mainly a painter, but I like investigating other fields of plastic practices (sculpture, photography, installation). In that regard the series “Landscakes” groups together a set of sculptures that at first glance conjure up sweet pastries, but that can also be seen as colored geological strata on which children indulge in strange amusements. Or else, the series of photographs “Contre nuit”, in which some objects evoking childhood toys are taken by surprise in the halo of a torch, summoning alternately practical jokes and drama, tales and absurdity. Thus, through the prismatic vision of childhood, my entire work displays the image of a humanity living on borrowed time, both violent and fragile. But no sterile nostalgia, no univocal reading. I impose nothing; I suggest a starting point for a reflection that could free us of our amnesia. Do not forget the destination, so that you may enjoy the journey more thoroughly.”

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