david langton

what’s constantly going through my head:
  • dere’s no way I’m puttin those kids back in danga 
  • tell me how quitting does Crutchie any good 
  • uuuzzzzzt- 


  •  sO HERE’s how it goes once we win and WE WILL BE WINNING make no mistake 
  • we’ll be wat 
  • we’re already winning 
  • riiiiiiight
  • and we’ll tell them STRAIGHT OUT they let CRUTChie go or they KEEP getting Pounded 
  • Dave (!!!) what the HELL did they bust up ya brains or somethin as I recall DAVE we all got our asses kicked they won 
  • won the battle 
  • o cOme On 
  • jACKIE think abt it we GOT them surROUNDED 
  • here’s what I think joe’s a joick he’s a rattle snake 
  • ya right!! And ya know why a snake starts to rattle? 
  • no why 
  • cuz he’s SCARED 
  • pft sure 

go and look it up the poor GUYS head is spinning 

  • why would he send for the GOONS an entire army dozens of goons and the cops an- 
  • yanno ya may be right 
  • if he wasn’t afraid- 
  • eXACTLY 
  • he knows we’re winning 
  • get those kids to see we’re circling victory and watch what happens 
  • we’re doing something no one’s even tried and YES we’re terrified but watch what happens 
  • ya can’t undo the past 
  • SO just move on and stay on track 
  • (stay on track) 
  • cuz humpty dumpty is abt to crACK 
  • we’ve got FAITH 
  • we’ve got the plan 
  • anD WE’VE GOT JACK!!!!! 
  • we’re BAAAAAACK 



Already falling in love with new Davey

also a fan of his friend

Here’s a Headline

jack & davey, 1808 words

based on this post

(so i was looking for inspiration to write this and i heard it was issac’s { @miserysucculent } birthday??? so since this is his hc i thought hey why not. pls enjoy issac, happy birthday bud. also this turned out a hell of a lot longer than i meant it to be)

It was one of those summer days that made everything seem insignificant. It was hot, hot enough to make Davey flee the constraints of his room. Since he shared with Les, it felt too constricting to sit and listen to another story about cowboys and the wild west. Sarah was already starting her homework for next year, and kept spouting facts about the moon. Davey wrinkled his nose thinking about the pile of homework that sat on his desk, waiting to be started. Choosing to neglect his duties, Davey chose to take a walk down to the farmer’s market for his mother. It was just as stifling outside, but a thin breeze blew between all the people that crowded the sidewalk. He pushed his way through the crowd, realizing that this was not the greatest choice he could’ve made, relieved to see the big signs advertising fresh fruit and baked goods.

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029 Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Wasp’s Nest (1991)

What I like about the title for this is it is both a metaphor and a literal thing and Peter as Claude is right in the middle of both of them!

Claude Langton is a dynamic sculptor, an excellent clown, a pretty good boyfriend, but an equally rotten mate.  Claude gets a couple of good scenes (I could watch the ladder climbing forever), but he’s very much a supporting player in what is more or less another mad-dog-killer-and-or-red-herring-of-the-week role, but with the twist that the murder he’s suspecting of (possibly) committing hasn’t yet occurred and Poirot is pre-investigating the case to keep it that way. 

Leaving aside the clown suit – and even that makes me question at least a little bit a long held assumption that a clown could never be sexy – oh my, do those 1930s fashions suit Peter, even the ridic trousers he’s wearing outside the pub.  And since this takes place in the summer, and Claude is a carefree bohemian type (the kind, I suspect, who can afford to be because he has a large private income), we get the delights of rolled up shirt sleeves and open-necked shirts, and lovely braces, and the occasional jaunty scarf.

To change the subject a bit: If you’re a long time reader, you’ll recognize Claude as the face I used for young Randall when I did my Randall/Lix The Hour timeline.  Peter was the right age, and this was set at the right time, to correspond almost exactly to 1930s Randall.  He just needs some round horn rimmed specs, a camera, and a portable typewriter and he’d be good to go.

Obviously, if you look at Claude’s hair of emotional emotions and 1950s Randall’s hair of repressed repression, somewhere in there Randall changed a lot, but I figure it makes sense that as Randall got older he had to button up and tame the wild locks of righteous fury as part of the coping strategy he’s forced to develop to keep his otherwise out of control emotions from tearing him apart, but here (minus the clown suit obviously) we perhaps get to see him exactly as Lix would have first seen him when they first met in Spain. 

(Especially the braces: 1950s Randall – an inveterate braces-flasher – has a pair very similar to the pair we see Claude wearing.)


Cover of The Los Angeles Times ‘Television Times’ for the week of July 19-25, 1981, featuring the cast of “Upstairs Downstairs.”  From the personal collection of Jumbled Planet.