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Jurassic Park 2: From The Reader Perspective/History Production

I’ve seen a lot of reviews for the second Jurassic Park movie that discuss why it simply isn’t just a bad sequel, its just a bad movie in general. Which I agree with. Even taking away from the fact that its a sequel to one of the most pivotal Spielberg titles we know, the movie is hackneyed and uninspired to the point that some scenes feel more like a Saturday morning cartoon than a serious adventure movie. 

But one thing I have yet to see is a look at the film from the perspective of a reader. 

And when I say reader, I don’t mean reading screenplays or any such thing. Some may not know this but the original Jurassic Park movie was based on a Michael Crichton book. While I’m not going to talking too much about the first movie and first book here, I will say that the book is actually quite a bit better than the original movie. And that’s saying a lot because the first movie is insanely good and probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m a dinosaur nut, what can I say. But this isn’t about the first book or first movie. It’s about the second book and the second movie. 

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