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Walter/David/Samuels: relationship headcanons


  • Stability. Walter likes knowing that he’s loved by you, even if he has trouble feeling it with as much intensity. Just a simple “Hey, I love you.” Will make his day. 
  • Hugs. He’s not used to receiving them, but he’s given many. His favorite kind of embrace is when his s/o comes up behind him and wraps their arms around his waist, nuzzling into his back. He can’t help but smile. 
  • He doesn’t sleep, but he can pretend to. Sometimes, he’ll let his s/o fall asleep on his chest and he’ll spend the whole night running his fingers through their hair and gently rubbing their back. 
  • Walter doesn’t know how to give genuine comfort. He knows the basics; a pat on the back and a brief hug, but he can’t wrap his mind around actual sympathy. Of course, he doesn’t want to see his s/o upset, but he’s at a loss when it comes to comforting them the way they want him to. 
  • Walter doesn’t initiate kisses. He receives them. But he is capable of reciprocating. He knows what to do and is programmed to adapt and learn rapidly. So if his s/o wanted to get a little intimate, Walter is very capable of keeping up. Albeit, he’ll be rather cautious the entire time. 


  • David craves physical contact. And even better, he understands it’s impact. A brush of his fingers across his s/o’s hand means so much to David. He loves intertwining his finger’s with his s/o’s, loves resting a hand on their waist, loves gently running his hands down their jawline. It’s, almost, intimate. 
  • David’s favorite kind of contact is when his someone is lying on their back and he positions himself on top of them, resting himself down onto their body. He loves it when his s/o plays with his hair and asks him meaningful questions about himself. He likes to feel important. 
  • David is very possessive. If someone were to try and take his s/o away from him, he’d literally go to any means necessary to prevent that. He doesn’t possess a concept of morality and will often go to extremes trying to keep his s/o close to him. 
  • He likes deep conversations. He likes to teach his s/o how to play piano or spend hours watching his favorite films. His s/o likes to hear him gush about his passions and he is more than grateful for that. 
  • David is a very…touchy person. He knows what intimacy is. He’s wanted to try it for decades. So long nights usually ensue when David’s in a good mood. 


  • He never actually thought he’d be in a relationship in the first place so this is!! just!! Wow. He will love his s/o with all his ability. 
  • Samuels is very kind; he was programmed to interact as a recruitment synthetic, so he knows how to behave around humans and mimic their feelings. He would even go so far as to say that he really feels these emotions, but he would never admit it for fear of what might become of him. 
  • He will be very protective, a constant mother hen, making sure that you’ve slept enough, eaten enough. He’ll lecture you lightly about the risks, but he’s only a little serious. He just loves any chance he has to speak to his s/o. 
  • Not one for pda. Unlike David, Samuels isn’t keen to the idea of physical contact in public. He’s a company synthetic, after all. If someone with higher jurisdiction decides he’s stepping out of line, he could very easily be decommissioned. 
  •  In private, though, he loves cheek kisses, forehead kisses, light pecks here and there. He’s more capable of feeling human emotion than Walter, and better equipped with how to control his feelings than David. He’s a newer model Synthetic, so he is the perfect balance between man and machine. His s/o giving him love and affection pleases him greatly and he’s very capable of reciprocating. 
  • Will definitely want to start a family with his s/o. Adopting, or maybe just getting a pet. Wants to be the best husband, wants to be there for his s/o until they grow old. And if they die before him, he’d be adamant about being decommissioned the next day. 

On this day in music history: May 4, 1979 - “Dionne”, the nineteenth album by Dionne Warwick is released. Produced by Barry Manilow, it is recorded at United Western Studios in Hollywood, CA from October 1978 - February 1979. With a string of more than two dozen pop and R&B chart singles and hit albums released between 1962 and 1971, Dionne Warwick becomes of one of the most successful female vocalists of the era. Following her departure from Scepter Records in 1971 for a lucrative contract with Warner Bros Records, Warwick continues her collaboration with songwriters Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Having a keen interest in astrology and numerology, in 1971 Warwick takes an astrologer’s advice to an “e” to her last name “for good luck”. However, the decision mostly has the opposite effect. Her tenure Warner Bros yields no major hits, and other than “Then Came You” (#1 Pop, #2 R&B, #3 AC) with The Spinners, Dionne finds it difficult to make the charts. She is dealt a double blow in 1975 when Bacharach and David acrimoniously end their partnership without telling her, and files for divorce from her husband David Elliott. With her life and career at a major crossroads, it takes a few years to find her footing once again. After her Warners contract expires at the end of 1977, Warwick considers walking away from music altogether. In 1978, Arista Records founder Clive Davis approaches Dionne about signing to his label. Skeptical at first, Davis tells her, “You may be ready to give the business up, but the business is not ready to give you up.”, promising to restore the singer to her former hit making glory. The label chief pairs Warwick with pop music superstar Barry Manilow, who other than co-producing his former boss Bette Midler, had not produced another artist other than himself. Manilow proves to be a solid and sympathetic ally in the studio. Led by the ballad “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” (#5 Pop, #18 R&B, #5 AC) written by Richard Kerr and Will Jennings (“Looks Like We Made It”), the single is a multi-format smash. It is followed by the sultry “Deja Vu” (#15 Pop, #25 R&B, #1 AC), co-written by Warwick’s old friend Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Anderson. The album spins off a third single with “After You” (#65 Pop, #33 R&B, #10 AC), making it the most successful album of Dionne Warwick’s career. Making the comeback even sweeter, she wins a pair of Grammy Awards in 1980 for Best Pop and R&B Vocal Performance, Female for “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and “Deja Vu”. The huge success of “Dionne” dovetails into the singer becoming the host of the long running syndicated music show “Solid Gold” from 1980-81 and again in 1985-86. Originally released on CD in 1986, the album is remastered and reissued in 2012 by Big Break Records, containing two bonus tracks. “Dionne” peaks at number twelve on the Billboard Top 200, number ten on the R&B album chart, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Unfinished Business Part 5


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2198

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I feel like I’ve been working on this pic forever, but it’s done! I’m not sure if I want to do a full scene like this again, but I am thinking of doing some standalone pics of the other Titans. What we have here is an Ion Prime staring down a Phase Shift pilot based on a reference in the Eden map. If you can’t tell, Titanfall 2 is still rocking my gaming world.

While I’m here, I wanted to give a little update about Visitor 411. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on this one, and am going to place it on a hiatus. I still want to make this comic, but the schedule I was following was pretty grueling, and I certainly feel like it was affecting quality. I’ve got some ideas for what I want to do next, but I might just stick with some illustrations for a bit until I can get a comic properly planned out. We’ll see how that goes. Foxmime is still making video game comics, and I might make a few as well, inspiration depending. 

- David Keen


Concept art of Elsa’s powers in the last act of Frozen.

* Note how, in the top frame, ice chandeliers like the one in Elsa’s palace have replaced the castle’s regular chandeliers and Elsa’s snowflake has replaced the Arendelle crocus on the ballroom floor and in the stained glass window. It’s like her powers become like a cursed version of the Midas touch, turning everything around her into ice – including Anna (middle frame). By being fearful of the world, the world becomes her greatest fears. But when she learns to let the world in, she amplifies the world’s beauty with her own. Just as the ice palace represented the beauty long repressed within Elsa finally expressed in solitude, her Arendelle castle (bottom frame) represents that beauty finally claimed without fear and shared with all.



“This is the story of trying to meet someone in a club,” says Brandon. “It could be a strip club or a dance club.”

In the chorus there’s a girl who has an androgynous boyfriend, who looks like an equally androgynous girlfriend the narrator once dated. Explain.

“It’s really just a play on words,” says Brandon. “But it gets people confused. That’s good.”

“I don’t know what that’s about,” admits guitarist David, “other than boys and girls dancing. I love that.”

Both David and Brandon are keen to keep The Killers unisex.

“The androgyny means we appeal to boys and girls,” says Brandon. “That’s really important to us.”

The Alternative Comedy Experience: Series 2