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Rational Action Theory.

by David Kamerov  davidkamerov.tumblr.com

Photographer, NYC. Welcome to my experimental art space. Original content only. Street photography. Street Art. Urban architecture. Candid portraiture. Street. Art. Fashion. Word. Text. A poetic taxonomy of NYC. Commentary of mine own variety. David Kamerov.

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David Kamerov  davidkamerov.tumblr.com

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PWS - Photos Worth Seeing


“I grew up and continue to reside in New York City. Although I’ve been interested in photography for some years, I purchased my first (& current) DSLR [Canon T3i] in May 2013.

I subsequently found myself drawn to a compulsive daily practice of confronting, documenting and refracting the pulse and life of the city around me, pursuing the structures + symbols that saturate a landscape I’ve known and feared, abhorred & even loved, since childhood.

Months of stumbling along the streets & fumbling along the mode dial in a generally manual direction led me to the development of an adequate, if shallow, technical awareness. (My prior formal photo-experience had been limited to a manual film photo course I’d taken as a college elective about 7 years ago. Other than that, point-and-shoots. And iPhoto. And selfies. Lots of selfies).

Three months in, I started shooting RAW.

That camera meant, for me: new eyes: a deepening of voice: the expansion of consciousness.

All photos have been taken with one of 3 lenses: 18-55 mm 3.5-5.6 kit lens; 55-250 mm 4-5.6 zoom; and (recently) 24-70 mm 3.5-5.6 Sigma zoom. All edits have been done using Lightroom.

My work today continues to be experimental albeit street-centric at the core, and although I anticipate that it will continue to have strong documentary, street, and urban architectural elements, I find myself increasingly interested in more abstract/conceptual subject matter.

Concurrently I work as a freelance photo assistant in the commercial/fashion photo industry in NYC, and am hoping to pursue something along those lines. (Message me if you could use a hand, I’m broke! …but my Ask works).

Today I consider myself to be something of a professional amateur. I hope to one day become a professional photographer.”



Once Again In America - Culture Shock - A Portrait of Night

Me and kamerov lost our virginities again the other night ..him first time using a tripod for street work and me ..first time using a flash for street work. No doubt he’ll post his results. would that it be sooner. 

I like how flash slices a shape out of the background. Im no Bruce Gilden (har har) but IT [flash - sb-800, if you care] helps me get closer to people. the oddest thing I know…

I hope you street togs’ are prepping for the worldstreetphotography’s competition  ..3 images due by may 5. I certainly am. 

Good light my friends.