david just looks like he's hiding from the world

He didn’t mean that

Small drabble inspired by the sneak peek.

“And if I wanted advice I doubt I’d take it from a pirate.”

Killian let David alone on the porch and went back in the house. He walked up the stairs to his and Emma’s room still thinking about David’s words. He couldn’t mean that could he? He was a better man now, he liked to think that he was no longer the pirate David met years ago. He liked to think that his opinions matter and his advices would mean something, but apparently he was wrong.

He entered the room, still deep in his thoughts. Emma was already in bed, dressed in a nice blue nightgown. She didn’t say anything while he changed in some more comfortable clothes but he knew she could see something was up with him.

“And if I wanted advice I doubt I’d take it from a pirate.”

Killian’s mind flew at David’s words again and then at the little box he hid on the Jolly. He wanted David’s blessing to propose to Emma, but how could he let Killian marry his daughter when he still thought he was nothing more than a pirate?

“Killian?” Emma finally asked him.

“Yes, love?” He said while climbing next to her on the bed.

“What happened?”

“Nothing” he said looking at her beautiful face.

“Yeah sure, and I’m the queen.”

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Request: Can you do one where like [y/n] is lin’s little sister and starts dating daveed, but lin doesn’t know and gets freaked out when he finds out. Idk.
A/N: Requests are always open!

“Y/N, can you come downstairs?” Lin yells from downstairs. I push my laptop off my lap and jump off the bed. I exit my room- Or really Lin’s guest room that I stay at when I’m in a fight with our parents- and head down the stairs.
“What’s up?” I ask.
“(Y/N), let me introduce you to my bud and co-worker, David Diggs. He’s two of the leads in Hamilton. David, this is my youngest sister, (Y/N)”, he says. David is kind of… nice looking.
“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard many things about you.” Daveed smiles and extends his hand. I could practically feel his eyes burning my skin. I shake his hand, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was a pretty nice hand(as far as hands go).
“Nice to meet you too” I stutter out, not breaking eye contact.
“Awww, my baby sister is a lovely fan of our musical… Isn’t she the cutest?” Lin makes fun of me and pinches my cheeks, covering their red shade.
“She surely is.” Daveed says and winks at me.
*Later that night*
“Hey Lin? I’ll be right back. I’m going to go take out the trash” I announce.
“Thanks! Also, Vanessa is coming over in a few… Do you mind, maybe, um, leave us alone for an hour or so?”  Lin asks, scratching the back of his head. I smirk and kiss his cheek.
“Sure, I’ll go hang out with my friends. You two have fun”
“We will”, he laughs.
“Use protection. Don’t make me an aunt so soon.” I mock him as I grab my phone. I slip in a pair of shoes and take a light jacket with me.
“Oh hush” He says, giggling. I stick my tongue out and exit the house.
I place my earphones in my ears and walk to the nearest garbage bin and toss the bag in, but something didn’t feel right. It felt like… someone was watching me… But Lin lived in one of the safest areas of New York City, so I was probably just being nervous from the fight with our parents from earlier. It’s nothing, and as I shake it off, a hand is on my shoulder.
Instincts kicked in and I socked my attacker in what I was hoping to be their face.
“Fuck!” I hear him wince in pain. I remove my earphones and try to see who it is, but it’s dark outside. The lights are off, it’s pretty dark, but I can still catch sight of that perfect hair under the dim moonlight.
“Oh shit! Daveed are you alright?” I ask and run up to him, guilt taking over me.
“You are great at punching” He says, holding his jaw with a crooked look on his face.
“I was scared, sorry.”
“I’ve been calling your name for like 2 minutes.”
“Sorry, I had my headphones in. I couldn’t hear you. I am so sorry”, I repeat over and over, still can’t believing I physically harmed him.
“It’s fine. It’s kinda my fault too.”
“Hey, if you are looking for Lin,  it’s not the right time. The girlfriend is coming over.”
“Well, I wasn’t looking for Lin” He says. I furrow my eyebrows and look at him.
“Then why are you here?
“Well, I was looking for you…” He says and moves some stray hair behind my ear.
“I was wondering if you’d like to grab lunch with me tomorrow,” he asks, darting his eyes to his feet which seemed to not be comfortable.
“Oh… Um,sure, why not? Sounds fun.”
“Great.. This my number. You should text me sometime,”  He  hands me a piece of folded paper. I unscramble it, and sure enough his number is scribbled in pen.
“Hey David?”
“Would you mind if we went for a walk right now? I mean Vanessa is coming over and Lin being Lin kinda kicked me out for a few hours, so I have plenty of time. And I feel kinda guilty since I hit your face,” I say, nibbling on my lower lip. He chuckles and extends his elbow.
“Absolutely. Where do you want to go, beautiful?” He asks. I blush.
*6 months later*
“(Y/N), we are going out for dinner. Wanna come?”  Lin asks me. I am sitting in the back lounge, waiting for them to leave so I can sneak out and meet Daveed.
“Nah, I feel a bit off. It might be from the trip…” I cough, hoping that Lin and the guys will buy my “sickness”. Truth is that I am a bit exhausted but I came to visit them during the show so that I can see Daveed. Sure, I’ve missed my brother, but I was with him the entire day. It’s was babe’s turn now.
“Lin, let her be. She wants to rest” Pippa says, hugging me. “I hope you feel better.”
“She is my baby sister, you know..” Lin says and embraces me too.
“Group hug!” Leslie shouts and joins in.
“Guys. Can’t. Breathe” I stutter, pretending to be breathless.
“Okay okay, we’re going. We might be late coming home though,” Lin says, kissing my cheek.
“Have fun” I smile at them.
I wait until I hear the door click and then grab my phone. I quickly text Daveed that the guys are gone and get up to get ready. I slip in a pair of jeans and a lacy top. I renew my make-up, using just some foundation, mascara and a light lip-gloss. I pick up my boots and leather jacket and grab my and wallet. Right on time, and ready to go.
I exit the theater and head to the spot where Daveed and I arranged to meet. Footsteps approach me and I start to freak out, looking around frantically but not to any help at all. I feel a hand on my shoulder and a warm  breath on my neck.
“Don’t punch me” I hear a familiar voice whisper in my ear. He kisses my neck and spins me around.
“Asshole,” I say smiling.
“You look gorgeous too,” I kiss his lips softly. “Mm, cherry lip-gloss. Quite tasty. Let me try it again and see if I like it again.” He says and kisses me deeply. “I definitely like it,” he says.
I smack his chest. “Dork,” I say.  He smacks my ass.
“Move your pretty ass darling,” He whispers, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.
We walk until we find the restaurant. Daveed opens the door for me, doing a saturated bow complete with a little arm wave.
“Why… Thank you sir,” I play along.
“Anything for you my lady,” he comments and kissses my hand. We walk to a guy behind a desk and he smiles at us.
“Reservation for 2 under the name Daveed Diggs,” Daveed says
“Welcome, Mr. And Mrs Diggs” The man saysnd eats us to our table, placing menus in front of us.
Once the waiter had left, I commented, “It sounded strange.”
“It suits you,” Daveed says, smiling.
“Don’t rush things, Mister.”
“I don’t, but we have to begin from somewhere” He says and scans the menu.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, we have to begin from somewhere. For example, stop being a secret,” He says and practically glares at me.
“Lin would kill you.”
“He would not,” He states. I turn my head to the side and raise my eyebrows at him. He chuckles and looks at me sweetly.
“Can we not talk about it tonight and have fun?” I ask, making use of my puppy eyes. He smiles and shrugs, eventually nodding.
“Sure, baby girl.”
The waiter comes and takes our order. The rest of the meal runs smoothly until the cute little fight about the bill in the end. Of course, he convinced me in the end and paid for the entire dinner, even in my protest to at least let me pay the tip.
He takes my hand as we exit the restaurant and begin strolling around the town, my head resting on his chest, listening his steady heart beat.
“You know what would be perfect?” He asks me.
“If we slept outside, under the stars…”  He says
“Sounds perfect…” I say, turning to face him. I kiss him and he kisses me back. It seems perfect; It feels perfect.
“(Y/N), Daveed?” I hear someone behind us. Someone, familiar. I pull away and look at them: Lin.
“Lin…” I stutter out. He and Pippa look at us, shocked. I hear Daveed gulp and suddenly the world was spinning slowly.
“Is it… Are you… What? Did you just kiss?”  Lin asks, totally bewildered seeing his little sister and his coworker.
You answer: “Um, yeah.”
“Are you- you guys a thing?” Lin asks, pointing at the two of us.
David straightens up, running a hand through his hair, “Yes. Yes we are Lin. I am sorry we had to hide it from you, you weren’t supposed to find out like this,” David says. His voice is steady, as if he wasn’t afraid of the consequences- whatever they may be.
“For how long?” Pippa asks, looking just as astonished as Lin.
“6 months” I say, looking at the ground and biting my lip. Lin looks at me disappointed. I look back down, nervous, and my foot suddenly finds a rock that seems oh so entertaining and distracting.
Lin looks us up and down, a far of stone. He seemed… angry. “And what if you get hurt again? And what if you break up? David, that’s my fucking sister! And Y/N, what the hell! That’s my Lafayette and Jefferson! How could you-“
Pippa reaches for his shoulder in attempt to calm Lin, ending up cutting him off. Lin relaxed, but his face was still cold.
“I promise I won’t hurt her. She means a lot to me,” David defends, wrapping his arms around my waits and resting his head on top of mine.
Lin practically glares at us. “I don’t know how to feel about it. Just, give me a sec.” Get out of my sight.” Lin says and brings his palms to his face. “Just go away.”
I stand with David heartbroken for what seems like forever, watching Pippa try to console my brother from a few feet away. David leads me away.
We take the long way back to his house, and I curl up next to him immediately in his bed. I’m startled, and I don’t say much. There wasn’t much to say.
Daveed seems to pick up on my silence, but he doesn’t press me. He approaches me with a white cloth in his hand. “Come on now, at least clean your face. Roll over,” he says, trying to sound sweet. I listen to him, and I feel as he gently drags the wipe across my face. I hear him switch off the light, and soon feel his arm around my stomach.
I felt broken.
“Hey, Y/N, Y/N listen to me,” He whispers. “We’ll go see Lin tomorrow morning. It’ll be fine. He’ll listen to you and accept it, he loves you and supports you. I’m sure it was just a shock to him to see us.”
I know he was right, but all I do in response is let out a brief hum.
*The morning after*
“After you,” David smiles at me and holds the passenger side of his car door open for me. I bluntly smile and sit down. He comes around the other side and sits next to me. “Still don’t want to talk?” He asks and buckles up. I don’t look in his eyes. “Fine, but you’re going to have to soon,” he says, kissing my temple. He throws his car into drive and heads to Lin’s house across town.
He pulls up, and I surprise myself as I walk up to the house and unlock the front door myself, not caring what ever the hell Lin was doing. “Lin!” I hear my voice echo through out the house. I hear nothing. I march upstairs, beginning to feel myself get angry. “LIN!” my scream tears through the house.
“What,” I hear a stern voice come from his bedroom. I stomp into his room, books sprawled everywhere and thousands of post it notes lining his walls. He looked terrible. His long Hamilton hair was in a bun that obviously hadn’t been taken out since last night when he created it and there were bags under his eyes. Suddenly, I feel myself soften and weaken. My shoulders drop, and rush into him, wrapping my arms around his chest and burying my head un his neck. He collapsed on me, landing on his bed. I felt tears begin to stream down my cheeks and dampen his soft gray t-shirt. “Daveed…” Lin says.
I turn my head and see that my boyfriend has entered the bedroom, sullenly looking at the two of us. We lock eyes, but the instant we do he reverts his gaze onto Lin.
Daveed starts, "Lin-”
“Don’t worry about it,” he says. I look up to Lin, the boy I’ve seen grow into a man all my life. He was gazing off. “I’ve made up my mind.” I shifted my weight, uncomfortable with the possible answer. Thousands of thoughts were streaming through my head: What if Lin disowned me? Told our parents? What if he fired Daveed? What if he did a mixture of both? What if-
“I understand,” he sighs, and then looks down at me. “I know what it’s like, to love somebody. Maybe not the way that you two do, but the way Vanessa and I love and care for each other. Looking back on last night, I’m remembering all of the actions you two took to defend not yourselves but the other person… that is love.”
Daveed and I look at each other, soft eyes now relieved. I turn back to Lin, “Thank you.” He turns to me and turns the side of his mouth upwards, a soft sad smile.
Daveed meanders towards us, “Thank you Lin, for your blessing. I promise I won’t hurt her, I’ll keep her close.”
“Damn straight you better,” Lin cracks a joke, and a light laughter fills that room. “Now come on,” he continues, “Let’s go do something.”
You kiss his cheek and slide off of his lap, walking to hold Daveed’s hand.