david jordan williams



No.9 Michael B. Jordan: Michael B. Jordan has taking the red carpet a lot more serious. His tailored crisp looks couldn’t go unnoticed this year.

No.8 Pharrell Williams: Pharrell is no stranger to fashion. From his BBC clothing line and latest deal with Moncler, Williams is a true fashion icon. His looks this year on and off the carpet were fashionably consistent. 

No.7 Nas: From street sophistication to red carpet chic, rapper Nas cleaned up his look this year. Nas has never looked better! I guess turning 40 had something to do with that. 

No.6 Victor Cruz: Cruz almost made my best dress list last year, however I decided to wait for consistency and it was worth the wait. Victor Cruz’s looks on and off the carpet has been amazing. Whether he’s in a pair of Jordan’s or Gucci loafers his style is undeniable. 

No.5 Ryan Gosling: Just Google Ryan Gosling and click images. Impeccable style and not even one bad photo. Ryan is one of my style icons. 

No.4 David Beckham: Beckham’s style is effortless! Even in denim jeans and a fitted t-shirt David still manages to always look red carpet ready. 

No.3 Justin Timberlake: I couldn’t have been more pleased with Timberlake this year. From his modernized pompadour to Tom Ford suits, Justin looked like Golden Era Hollywood this year. Not a dull moment watching Justin’s fashions on and off the carpet. 

No.2 Bradley Cooper: I had a lot of fun watching Bradley Cooper’s style evolve this year. Adding to his great sense of style is his recent crew cut. His new haircut has definitely separated him from the other Hollywood men with similar curly slick-back hair. Cooper can now stand out from the pack as a rising fashion icon compared to none.

No.1 Idris Elba: Lets hear it for Idris Elba! My best dressed man of 2013. A lot of times darker skin men stray away from color, but it was refreshing to see Idris have fun with color that played so well with his skin-tone. One of Idris’s looks that blew me away, was wearing that powered blue Gucci trench coat. Idris will be a heavy competitor on the carpet and this upcoming award season.